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    Hello VaughnRoyko! I discovered your awesome game merely three-five days ago and have been playing it whenever possible. I love survival games and I figured I just had to try this out. At first I was skeptical about how clunky* it played, but I soon realized that it’s perfect the way it is. Thank you for creating this!

    I wanted to post here since I accidentally found a duplication bug*, in the Wayward Beta 1.9 (Windows Standalone Version). I didn’t find any official* Bug Thread yet, so I’m making this Topic Post. Moderators are free transfer this topic without my consent to a better place in the forums. I have a the origina and shorter version of this post in the indiedb page for Wayward Beta 1.9 (Windows) comments.

    Now to the real meat of this post.
    There is a way to duplicate items in Wayward Beta 1.9 (Windows Standalone Version). I’ve never tried the older/other versions though:
    1. You must have one item other than the item you want to duplicate inside your inventory, let’s call it the Duplicator Item for the rest of this post. (It can be any item as far as I’ve tested.)
    2. Drop the item you want to duplicate in front of you.
    3. Open your inventory, now click-drag the Duplicator Item out of its slot.
    4. Important Step: Without unclicking the Duplicator Item from the cursor and having it in a mid-transfer status/mode, you then make your character walk over the item you wanted to duplicate which is on the floor/tile in front of you.
    5. This will result with the character staying in his place without taking the item on the floor’s position while constantly picking up the item at the same time.
    Note: Also works for any item on the floor that can be picked up by the player, whether it was dropped by you or monsters.

    In the image below I originally only had two stones as part of my starting items. I dropped one of the stones I had, in front of me. Next I click-dragged the Leaf Bedroll out of its slot in the inventory (could be any item from the inventory) then proceeded to walk to pick up the stone on the floor in front of me while the leaf bedroll is still grabbed by the cursor. Duplication occurs here. The amount of duplicates you get depends on the weight somehow, but I can’t figure out exactly why. (Or I could be entirely wrong about the weight being a factor to the amount of duplicates you get.)
    Wayward Beta 1.9 (Windows Standalone) - Item Duplication Bug
    Note: Only click-dragging items out of the inventory duplicates the item on the floor, while click-dragging a Duplicator Item out from either your QuickSlot/Any Container acts the right way, where the Duplicator Item stays on cursor while also picking up the item on the floor.

    If you already have been alerted about this, I’m sorry for making you waste precious seconds reading this wall of text. Thank you for an awesome game nonetheless, at Beta 1.9 it had more content than what I originally expected. So many things to discover! Plus despite that bug*, I had fun and that’s what counts.
    Thank you Vaughn!


    Wow, that’s pretty crazy, will definitely fix it up for 1.9.1!


    Crazy indeed, thank you for responding to this so fast. I’m glad I got to help with debugging in some way.
    Thank you again Vaughn for this awesome game!


    The weight probably effects it because you can’t go as fast when you are overflowing. Therefore, when you are carrying all you can, it stops working.

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