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    Hi, Vaughn! Is there any ways to make a translation of this game? And if not, do you intereseted in translation? I think I could help.


    Hey there,

    I know there’s a few people working on Russian at the moment, but other than that, I am not sure.

    Anybody is able to make a translation file by editing this: – Simply load the file as a mod to load your changes.


    Thx… When (or rather “if”) I’ll finish this, may i post it somewhere here?

    UPD1: what is the difference beetwen “auto pickup” and “auto gathering”?

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    Sure, just post it back here, or send it to me via email. I will make sure it’s available on the mods page and announce it’s release.

    Auto Pickup will automatically pick-up items on the ground. Auto Gathering will automatically attempt to gather from resources while moving into them (trees, rocks).


    Thx. I’ll connact you as soon as i finish (note: i’m not finnish%).

    And i have a trouble with this line:
    238 landNeeded: ‘You need to build up the land around this water before placing this here.’

    I saw it when i was playing, and haven’t got what it means. Was trying to build a wood ‘bridge’ from one shore to another through the narrow deepwater.

    BIG UPD: Oh, i forgot to mention that im working on a translation into Russian too. And i forgot to ask: will Wayward recognize cyrillic symbols?

    I tried to load a halfdone file into game and it says: “an error was occured”

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    That happens because you need to build up land on either side (at least 2 adjacent tiles) before building over water.

    It should work with no problem with Cyrillic symbols. Perhaps send me the file and I can see what the issue is.


    ok, thx.

    how can i send file to you?


    sent a file, some mail filters can add me to spam ’cause of my account name, so check there too)
    (was a little angry, reeding “this account is not aviable, choose another” while registration”)


    Just a note, somebody has since released a full Russian translation. It’s now available on the mods page:


    Yeap, i just saw it… It’s not “handmade” – many mistakes and machine-tranlation errors. I want to try to make my own – maybe just for me)


    Go for it! If you can improve upon it, I’m sure the Russian fans out there would pick yours! I’m happy to give everybody a chance. Sadly I can’t speak towards the quality of them 🙁


    Oh, my English is not perfect too) And there are some problems with transforming some english forms to russian (too different languages). Some phrases just can’t be translated correctly. But I’ll do my best.

    And did you recieved my e-mail with file?



    I just started a translation into german language. I don’t know how fast I can complete the work so no finish date on this one. Will post here in this forum when finished.


    @DamonCooper No, I don’t believe I got your file.

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