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    Social topic: After adventurizing around for a while, what do you seem to end up with ridiculous amounts of? I seem to end up with ten tons of string from all the spider silk I collect from giant spiders.


    I always end up with so much rotten meat and sharp stones it seems like.


    If you are mining, you end with way too many sharp stones, heavy rocks (Ones used for crafting sharp stones and round ones), and round rocks. Hey, it’s good for an extra supply.


    I can stop anytime I want…


    I prefer sharp Glass since it’s lighter, though its hard to say no to a room like that.

    Also, instead of dropping useful things like Tatterd Maps, timeskitters and the like love to drop… spyglasses. Since they don’t wear or decay, it’s kind of pointless to keep more than one of the heavy things around. Wish you could take them apart for the lenses.


    …meat, fat, animal skins, skulls, and bones. I’m at a point where I can pretty much kill giant rats, bats, and spiders with one hit from my fist, so simply running into them gives me more supplies than I need.

    …poor equipment. I can craft iron armors, weapons, and tools, but the monsters keep dropping poor equipment.

    On the other hand, chickens don’t seem to spawn anymore, so archery is out of the question (unless I spawn my own chickens…).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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