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    Hello there

    Recently I stumbled on this awesome game of yours and thought with myself that it would be even more amazing if you guys added a co-op to it, like instead of going alone you could log into someone’s game and play it with a friend or something (only one or two players).

    So that is my suggestion, if single-player its good, with a friend it’d be even better. I dont know if you guys had any plans for that or said it will or wont be done, I looked over the forums and couldnt find anything related to that.

    Thanks for all.



    Yeah I agree with you, co-op would be awesome for this game.


    But for multiplayer to work Wayward would no longer be “turn-based”. But instead the game would constantly run at 5 turns per second or something like that.


    Personally I’d much rather see the required dev time go into more singleplayer content. The idea of 5 turns per second alone makes my head spin. It starts becoming all fast-action and no puttering around immersion, and to me that is a completely different game. Can you imagine a bear charging at you and attacking at 5 turns a second while your attention was diverted by a friend’s chat messages?

    My vote is to stay singleplayer and concentrate instead on turn-based gameplay with depth and complexity.

    I think co-op with friends can add a lot of fun to many games but I am not sure Wayward is the best choice for that.



    I’d love to make a co-op/multiplayer game. I sadly don’t see that with Wayward.

    That being said, I can’t definitely rule it out, maybe there truly will be a multiplayer version, that probably wouldn’t be turn based?

    Also, with that being said, I do plan to add some online features to the game at some point. Such as saving and sharing your world, a mod repository, achievements, leaderboards, online profile and more.


    Oh well 😛

    But if you do plan on making a multiplayer game in the future do you think it would be similar to Wayward (Survival, rogue-type gameplay)?


    On another note where can I get the source code for the game?


    Thanks for the reply fellas, just let me explain what was going through my mind when I thought about the co-op suggesition.

    The concept of this game is pretty good,  its just that at the end you will have made all it has to be done in a couple hours, you might have built an “empire” (houses, armor, whatever you want) but at the end it will all be the same, you wont have what else to do , and you wont have who to show to, to share with, nobody to see it ((much like a simcity game that you make your town and then its done). Sure changes would have to be made (such as making it real time instead of turn based) but doing that would certainly take the game to the next level, I mean, who among you never wanted to play a game like that with a friend but never could and got tired of it after a few days?

    Once again, congratulations for the game and I do hope you do give it a thought to the co-op option.

    Thanks for all.



    @CreatureAndrew If I was to make Wayward multiplayer, the entire engine/tech would need to be redone, nothing could really be used besides the main art assets and the like. But yes, If I was to do that, I would definitely use the same concept/feel behind Wayward. Who wants to help start? haha.

    The source code is included in the download, but it’s kind of hard to get at. I’ll look at addressing this in upcoming versions.

    Hopefully some of the online features will satisfy some of those needs. You know, until WayMMO, or Multiward, or Waytiplayer is released, hah.


    Multi-player would be amazing for this game. If I donate 25$ can you start making some multiplayer? :mrgreen:


    Bribing me, eh?

    If you donate, it will give me incentive to keep going on Wayward. Which means it will indirectly make development faster on Wayward, which also means, indirectly, it will help me “finish” development on Wayward, which also means, perhaps starting on a multiplayer version 🙂


    …Is that a yes or a no? 😐


    I’m sure it means “Gimme $$$ and I’ll think about it.”.

    A multiplayer version seems a bit far-off, but how about multiplayer-esque instead? Say, whenever a player leaves a map which has existed for a significant amount of time (or dies with a high enough score) and is online, there’s an X% chance of it being uploaded onto an online server; then whenever a player leaves a map while online there’s a chance of that map being used (“This lands feels familiar, yet…”). A map can be deleted from the server once it’s loaded or a certain amount of time passes.

    Signs, bones files (Dead characters leaving behind their map/inventory), and special event maps can be uploaded along with a gamut of other things.

    Of course, there will be TTP.


    Blaze, those are all very great ideas. The “bones files” topic has been brought up quite a lot. I really love the idea.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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