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    Hello! First off, I want to say your game is fantastic. I spent too much time yesterday playing.

    I’m having an issue with the downloaded version of the game that wasn’t present when playing online.

    Occasionally the game freezes for several seconds and the game becomes unresponsive. Shortly after, it recovers with no problem. Sometimes it will happen several times in a short span, other times it will take ten minutes before it pops up.

    The only thing I see that is different between the downloaded and web version is the downloaded appears to be using Chrome 32, while the web based reports Chrome 35, my current browser. To possibly mitigate this, is there any way to force the game to use my current version of Chrome, or another browser like IE?

    Secondly, are the save games when playing online stored locally? If so, where?


    Regarding the saved games, I found them.
    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage

    They’re named similar to the saved games in the game’s directory. Mine were name:

    I copied them over to the game’s save directory, renamed them, and voila!


    Unfortunately the offline version uses Chrome 32 (webkit) as a base. There’s no way to change this until node webkit updates their client.

    You can use the Save/Load from File modification to export and import your save between the two versions quite easily.


    I’m having the same freeze up issue. If it helps you isolate the bug, it seems that having Spotify running/playing music in the background causes this to happen (though it also happens when I have a save that has gone on for awhile, around 40,000 talent).

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