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    I know moving while overloaded costs you stamina, but shouldn’t trying to swim through deep water be blocked if your overloaded? It seems ridiculous to go swimming for miles (figuratively) and pay nothing more than half your health even though you’re heavily overburdened with Iron Ore. Similar, I would think a raft/bull boat should sink or at least travel more slowly (faster decay rate) when you have too much with you.


    Added to todo!


    I don’t think boats should travel slowly…

    A rowboat with 70 pounds of gear wouldn’t just sink to the ground.

    90+ pounds could…


    The weights are unitless, so we can’t be sure they’re pounds. For example, a furnace has a weight of 24 in the game, and a bow drill is 5. I don’t think of any weight or mass unit that would have a blacksmiths furnace weigh less than 5 bow drills.



    It’s the gaming world…

    Maybe it’s ounces. A furnace is certainly 24 ounces.

    Or grams…

    A furnace that weighs 24 grams…that sounds convenient!

    But a human only able to carry 70 grams of weight when they wash up on a shore?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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