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    Not sure if my game is bugged or not.

    I had not played since the latest update, and when I did, I found a few things:

    1. Logging in to find armour items missing – leather gloves and shirt

    2. Moving over items on the ground does not pick the first one up. Standing on the items and hitting space does not work either (as it did previously)

    3. This last makes the game unplayable – while I can happily hit monsters, when I push and arrow key to harvest from trees or stone, nothing happens! This is the same whether I have a tool equipped or bare-handed.

    As I say, I had not played since before the patch, so my saved game is from the previous version. Not sure if that is the reason. I’ll see if an answer appears here – if not, I’ll start again 🙂


    Turn on “Auto Gather” and “Auto Pickup” under “Options”. It’s defaulting to “off” in 1.2.

    Iron crafting appears to be completely borked now, though. Even with coal, iron ore, a hammer and a lit furnace, I’m not getting the option to craft wrought iron. (I even have recipes for wrought iron boots and iron gauntlets, but I don’t have the option to create wrought/pig iron).


    @GarySK Apologies, it does seem like “some” older saves turn off some of the defaults for some reason. Some items were unfortunately removed as they changed a bit, but it should of only been “Poor Iron” items.

    I just updated the Wiki, it seems nobody has figured out yet that Wrought Iron needs charcoal instead of coal. 🙂


    so what does coal do now? just a fuel like?


    @esran – For now, yep!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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