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    Bug: when i throw my backpack on the floor and afterwards pick it up, I am unable to move objects from or to it, it becomes stuck; whenever I hover my mouse over any of the items in it or try to move them, the message “An error has occurred” appears. I just lost a ton of Iron with that! Is there a work around?

    Suggestion: give an average of turns the fire will last, maybe rounding to 10 turns? It’s quite hard to know whether or not my fire will extinguish now!


    Hey there,

    You shouldn’t of lost anything. Simply close the container and re-open it. If that doesn’t work, just close (save) and re-open/refresh the game. I’ll see about fixing this.

    Right clicking the fire will tell you how healthy it is. You can also use “Stoke Fire” actions on items to add them to the fire’s strength, this will also tell you how healthy a fire is.


    I just found out if you exit and come back, the backpack gets fixed, yay!
    But there you have something to look out for a fix :l


    Thanks for the quick reply, sir.
    I noticed that it tells me how healthy it is, but it is kind of still very vague. How many turns does “very healthy” mean?

    Two more:

    Bug: Sometimes suddenly I try to move/drop only one instance of an object and it starts moving them all, as if I had shift/alt pressed.

    Suggestion: It should check whether or not Shift/Alt key is pressed upon releasing the mouse button (dropping an item) instead of when I grab them. Makes it easier to figure out

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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