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I read in one of the previous beta updates that a “smart grouping system” was in the works for the inventory, however, I have a suggestion that may improve some of the clutter, even if only as an interim solution. Things like stones, tree bark, cotton, etc. (always consumed/non-tool items) could have a destruction-chance rating, as opposed to durability so they can all be kept in one stack since each item won’t have varying durability values. The destruction chance could be roughly based upon the item’s current min/max durability value to maintain the in-game balance with as little tweaking possible. Something like a 1-in-3 (or done as “33%”) chance of destruction per use for a stone, for example. This would either mean doing away with remarkable, exceptional and legendary descriptors for these types of items (perhaps shifting the impact it had on crafting back towards the tool’s quality), or starting a new stack for each quality level, and the quality bonuses count towards a lower destruction chance.

The whole suggestion is sort moot if an improved inventory system is already close to completion, especially if this idea would take as much time to develop as it would to implement the new system. I’m just putting it out there, hoping it may be of any help at all.