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First up… Thank you for the mention, it’s gratifying to see a response from a skilled game maker. You ARE real! 😀

one word suggestion.

And now validation/vision so use or ignore ideas as pleases you.

It would follow 1 tile behind and be solid unless empty (so you would have to unload it if you get pinned behind it in a passage instead of stuck); unable to pick up, only destroy for wood so you would have to have one per cave and one or more above ground. Carries the same as you can, so scales with your strength to pull it maybe? Option to drag or stop dragging obviously.

Probably late tier, might need anvil’d iron rod for the axle?
It would have to slow movement while dragging (allow monsters 2 moves instead of 1?) or possibly only usable with 2 free hands to tow it (to make it less viable as a super backpack and more for building/hauling)

It’s just the kind of wish I have when building stone walls on a beach when the nearest cave is a while away but I can only carry 2 or 3 walls per trip.