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I’ll keep this suggestion short but to the point.
CTRL+ mousewheel changes the zoom level in a browser and lets you see further, providing a better scope of the area. Unfortunately for this to be a comfortable size around 20 to 25 tiles in each direction (I have a 17″ monitor on a slightly lower resolution) the inventory windows and text information in general is unreadable. Could you please add an option to resize the text and windows themselves to counteract this? (small – medium – large – extra large)
As it is I zoom in when at my main camp, then zoom out as I forage/mine and watch out for my stamina dropping and the red line (would be text) in the top left to tell me I’m overweight.

Still really enjoying this after playing it many months ago, updates are slow and steady which is nice, liking the possible smooth motion and graphical update video I saw also.

General Comments:
There seems to be a big lack of sandstone in most of the playthroughs I’ve done, and when it is present there are rare caves for stone.
The jump from starting out to being scared for your life is quite sudden, 1st and 2nd day seem safe then suddenly on the 2nd night an imp comes to the doorway and sits there killing you. (stand in doorway, hit for 2 to 4 hp, lose 40hp and then back up and bedroll, repeat 10 times as that imp never leaves, pray water/food/durability on armour/weapon lasts)
5th day you get some wrought iron and life is easy from that point on. I like the difficulty itself, but not the predictability of the switch from easy to hard and back. Maybe you could make more difficult monsters unlock each day for spawning (exceptions being caves?) so you don’t face something overpowering on the 2nd night in, find yourself locked in your home. It’s not annoying in itself, but the regularity of it is. Or maybe a weighted spawn table that makes the first few night less likely to throw something huge at you but not impossible?