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What a cool game! Thanks for knowing how to program AND having good taste! This game is exactly what I was looking for, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

My wish list:

I’m sure it’ll come with time, but more middle game, please! Goes too fast from scared of bears and thirst right into wandering around looking for talc and treasure while invincible.

UI – Clicking/right-clicking a stack manipulates the stack. Ctrl+click manipulates one unit.
– Attack button. Allows attacking without moving, especially nice for ranged attacks and
encumbered mining when an accidental step costs health.

General – Equipped items weigh 50%. (Same concept as something strapped to your back weighing
– Hotkeyed tools count for crafting if one isn’t in main inventory. (Took me about an
hour to figure out how to make my first Wrought Iron because my hammer was on a hotkey.)
– A tiered armor and weapon system would greatly increase the game’s longevity, equipment
diversity and give you more room for middle-strength monsters. I’ve included an
excessive example.
– Mentioned by others: Navigation. Cartography is a skill, but I can’t make a map or
sense my way home. I don’t have a suggestion for the map making, but finding your home
could be an easy fix: Build a smoke signal or flagpole that could be spotted
with a spyglass. “Your home appears to be South East of here.”
– A wheelbarrow was mentioned, I’d like to see that in some form. A low-tech option could
be a drag mat. (3 Logs+3 Ropes+2 Poles) Kills vegetation that you drag it over.
– I’m sure it’s last on the list, if at all, but armor/weapon graphics on the character
would be AMAZING!! Really takes immersion to a-whole-nother level. Even if it was just
a helm and a stick with option to turn off helm for people that like our hero’s cute
bed head.

Onto some crafting suggestions. Your crafting system is so good that it makes my imagination explode with the possibilities!

Recycling – Leather Armor+Sharpened=Leather Strips, Iron Armor+Furnace=Iron Ingot, etc

Armor – Needle and/or hammer is implied for many of these and quantities are left
– Maybe Rat=Gorget, Belt; Wolf=Helm, Gloves, Boots; Bear=Leggings, Chest?
– Padded Armor (Fabric+Cotton+String)
– Bark Armor (Tree Bark+Pole-like+String)
– Leather Armor (Tanned Leather+String)
– Wooden Armor (Log+Rope+Glue)
– Boiled Leather (Leather Armor+Log+Rope+Animal Fat+Still) (Log serves as mold and is
not consumed)
– Studded Leather (Wrought Iron->Rivets+Leather Armor)
– Brigandine/Splint Mail Armor (Wrought Iron->Wrought Iron Plates+Padded Armor+Leather
– Chain Mail Armor (Iron Ingot->Iron Sheet+Stamp->Iron Rings+Padded Armor+Leather
Strips) (Stamp made from Wrought Iron or Iron Ingot)
– Scale Armor (Iron Ingot->Iron Scales+Iron Rings+Padded Armor+Leather
– Plate Armor (Iron Sheet+Chain Mail Armor+Rivets)

Ingredient reuse and overlap forces the players hand while later rewarding previous investment in crafting. Increasing core ingredient (Tanned Leather, Iron Ingot, etc) requirements while keeping auxiliary (String, Leather Strips, etc) requirements low, but destroying them (the aux components) on failure, might slow the road to total badassery and provide more of a sense of accomplishment. Skill requirements were mentioned, but I prefer your method of rewarding work with better items rather than requiring a grind to make them at all.

I have more suggestions, but feel like I’ve already made more than enough. Thanks for your time.

EDIT – Just realized you’ve already addressed the UI suggestions in the coming update, yay!