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Thanks for the reply fellas, just let me explain what was going through my mind when I thought about the co-op suggesition.

The concept of this game is pretty good,  its just that at the end you will have made all it has to be done in a couple hours, you might have built an “empire” (houses, armor, whatever you want) but at the end it will all be the same, you wont have what else to do , and you wont have who to show to, to share with, nobody to see it ((much like a simcity game that you make your town and then its done). Sure changes would have to be made (such as making it real time instead of turn based) but doing that would certainly take the game to the next level, I mean, who among you never wanted to play a game like that with a friend but never could and got tired of it after a few days?

Once again, congratulations for the game and I do hope you do give it a thought to the co-op option.

Thanks for all.