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Back to try your updates.

Regular game is still stale, needs version 2.0.

Decided to try the daily challenge.

Attempt 1_ Two steps. Dead

Attempt 2_20 steps. Eaten by a shark, if it wasn’t the shark, it was his 30 friends, 5 krakens, 2 bears, 3 ghosts, and a big rat.

Many attempts later_ Finally have survived multiple nights, but not easy. Way too much need to run around. No reason to build a house, ghosts and those little jumpy things can come kill you in there, and definitely not strong enough in early game to kill either.

So, that being said. Way to hard, in fact, impossible. And if that’s what you were going for, congrats, you got it.

So, regular game is way to easy, daily challenge is impossible, can we get something in the middle?? Maybe somehow set the difficulty on a daily challenge, get more points for starting harder?