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Thanks for making this game, it’s pretty great.

Reload: New action for containers or possibly for ammunition items, basically it works just like the “drop all in open container” command except the container does not need to be open. If you made it a container action then each container would probably just have a specific ammo that it reloads with, bags for bullets, and quivers for arrows. If it were an ammunition action then it would just take all of that type of ammo that you’re holding and place it in a container. The purpose of this would be to streamline things just a bit for anyone that’s using ammunition since you don’t have to go and open your container just to put all your stuff back in.

Alternatively there could be an option where any ammo you pick up off the ground is just automatically put into containers, I haven’t been playing the game too long, but from what I can tell, there usually isn’t much reason to have ammo in your inventory, so this would just help to streamline the player’s interactions with ammo overall. This would probably be a lot cleaner than the reload action idea, although maybe there could be an action to designate an appropriate container as the destination for your ammo unless ammo will only go into certain bag types anyway. Also, I imagine that the bag might need to be equipped for this to work, mainly because, outside of roleplaying purposes, it looks like there isn’t any reason to equip a container at the moment, or is there?