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First of all, addictingly fun game. Very simple and creative.

To give you a quick idea of how “far” I made it:

I had made everything, built a few buildings (wood houses, nestled rock houses, gardens, motes), gathered about half a dozen of each golden items, I could kill anything with ease, swim across the map, I tried burning down the forest ( desperate for charcoal), tried building a road but eventually got bored and stopped, traveled between dozens of new areas, and sailed home a few times.

I like everyone’s suggestions so far (really like the roads and wheelbarrow idea).
So, my suggestions:

At first it seems like there is a lot of items that you can craft, but you eventually craft them all. I would like to see a lot more of everything. More materials, more plants, more monsters.

A general suggestion would be to add more uses for getting higher skills. Example: Higher tactics allows for fighting skills, like stun, critical hits, etc.
Higher mining allows for mining of copper, gold, platinum, etc.
Higher swimming allows for diving (underwater caves?)

A new skill/ability I would like to add would be canning. So get lemons from lemon trees. Combine lemon, water,glass jar,fruit,heat source to create canned fruit. Be nice to have longer preserved food for running about the map.

Side note, I never used Glassblowing (I had so many glass bottles from Krakens).

Game Direction

I like the idea of sailing home being the finale, but it’s way to easy to craft a sail boat. That needs to be a lot harder, maybe something that includes all of your craftmanship as well (100x logs,100x rope, 10x containers, 20x preserved food (new item), 20x fruit, 3x sails, 1x rutter(new item from blacksmithing), etc.) Maybe also need a launch ramp too? I don’t think I could carry a sail boat in my backpack.

I think there should be some other ways to “win” the game as well. Like set up 20 milestones and have a finale be “colonize” an island, where you need a good dwelling, sustained food, roads, etc.

Need a lot more enemies, harder ones too. Dragons? Elemental beasts? Maybe a mega boss on each island, like have an island with lots of rhinos, and they all protect a mega rhino, which drops rare and unique items. Would be fun.

General Suggestions
In no particular order:

1) Lava?
2) Higher levels of carography should allow me to make maps of the area so I can see the entire zone.
3) Roads!
4) Other castaways?
5) Angry natives, with camps, prisoners? cannibals, etc.
6) Pets
7) I think the traps need the ability to add bait to them
8) Something more advanced than a sundial, I never know what time it is.
9) A better torch, I hate not being able to see when it’s dark.
10) Irrigation set up for farming / fresh water ponds
11) When I put on cool armor it’d be nice if my little character would look more bad ass
12) Weather? Hurricanes? Could damage your house if it’s built out of wood, or is vulnerable.
Floods? Man this could open up a lot of possibilities.
13) I found the “monuments”, but nothing came from it. Needs to have more interactions with that.
14) Dig holes to bury things, like bury rotten meats, bones, etc.
15) I could never burn items that I didn’t want any more, like bark armor. I took all of my “trash” to the edge of the ocean and threw it to the depths below. Seems like there should be something else instead of this.

Anyways, I hope you find my suggestions useful. You’ve done a really good job so far. I am really excited to see what 2.0 comes out with.

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