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Great stuff as usual @Quantum-Leap

Resting time is currently based on the following factors:

  • Time of day (or night) – you wake up more during the day.
  • Camping skill.
  • Whether you are facing a fire or not.
  • If an enemy is near or you take damage, your rest will be interrupted.

These factors allow you to control the times a bit. Simulation/realism wise, you won’t be able to dictate sleep pace yourself because of the environmental factors at play. I think going forward though, to allow even further control, there should be a difference between “Sleep” and “Rest” as resting is something you would be able to control directly.

There’s a couple considerations before changing UI and control schemes as we have to cater for both touch displays, keyboard only interfaces, mouse only interfaces and a combination. Not to mention the multitude of resolutions. Breaking up the bars on larger resolutions could work though.

New context-specific menus are a good idea for sure, especially for tile interaction. This is noted on the todo list.