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Quantum Leap

I am lacking JS skills for a serious mod-making.. Also, I know myself pretty well – I will immediately start rewriting Wayward into fallout-like post nuclear setting, powered by adnd/d20-based combats and other deviations. No good 🙂

IMHO, perlin noise is ok performance-wise, especially when Google Chrome is used. Here is a test sample (using noisejs lib):

On my 4 yr old laptop it takes literally no time to generate map within Chrome, and ~1 sec with FF (firebug off).

I understand your point about hard life of the survivalist, but there are casual “play game X for an hour after work to relax” players out there (like me) too.. It is frustrating to start new game 3-5 times just to see a tiny lonely mountain barely having useful minerals and no iron ore on the whole map. Hmm.. Is there a chance to get a tiny configuration option, which will allow larger island generation?

Another idea, biome related: is it possible to take player to “winter” island after completion of the first game? An island covered with snow instead of grass, trees have either red/yellow leaves (rare) or no leaves at all (most). Of course, an extra “warmth” bar to compliment “thirst” and “hunger” would be perfect! Winter offers quite different survival experience, one has to keep an eye on campfire 🙂

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