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Quantum Leap

Hello All,

First of all, thanks for the great game! Good three days spent on playing, and many ideas on how to make things better for the end-user.

Some basic ideas to contribute:

1. Conifer forest – must have for any survival game 🙂 Serves as source of sap (aka simple glue), does not produce leaves:

2. Animal lairs as spawnpoint markers. Allow player to destroy them (N animals pop out if attacked), may have some treasure (rat’s nest – for sure):

3. Perlin noise for the terrain generation – please! Currently, I have to restart game 5 times (on average) to get decent island with enough room for a luxury survival. Something like this will be much appreciated:

4. Allow player to see global map, but hide parts of it based on mapmaking/outdoorsman skill. 100% skill means all map visible.. Here is a sample of ~30% outdoorsman skill in action: