Wayward Weekly: 1.8.6 + End of Wayward Weekly

1.8.6 Screenshot

Good news and bad news: Huge improvements to the resting and sleeping systems are in, but this will be the last Wayward weekly. There’s some pretty big changes going on in my life, and Orillian, our second in command has also been quite busy as of late, so this will be the ending to Wayward weekly, at least for awhile. We will still be busy working on the game, just a little bit less so for awhile, NO NEED TO PANIC! Calm your nerves and check out the Wayward todo if you are ever in doubt. Beta 1.9 is also just around the bend, so stay tuned for that release!


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

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Wayward Beta 1.8.6 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • Mobs would eventually stop de-spawning properly, causing too many monsters present on longer playthroughs.
  • A default english.js customization would fail, making translations not able to be loaded fully.


  • Increased default durability for both of the slings.


  • There is now a “Resting” and “Sleeping” feature. If you were familiar before with Resting, basically, Sleeping is now that functionality. Resting is a bit different now in that you will now automatically stop resting when your Stamina is full. On top of this, Resting, unlike Sleeping cycles (length) are not dictated by time of day or if you are facing a fire, but still dependant on your Camping skill a bit. Resting will provide the same regenerative effects as Sleeping; however, your hunger and thirst will still increase as if you were normally taking turns, while sleeping gives a bonus decrease to this (as per usual).
  • You can now “Rest” from the Actions menu without any item; however, you will receive less regenerative effects resting directly on the ground.
  • Special randomized events now have the rare chance of occurring, these include:
    • Bare trees can become full again.
    • Trees can grow extra resources.
    • Monster death.
    • Monster health increase.
    • Monster health decrease.
    • Plant destroy.
    • Plant fertility increase.
    • Plant fertility decrease.
    • More of these events to come.

7 thoughts on “Wayward Weekly: 1.8.6 + End of Wayward Weekly”

  1. I loaded the beta, and after clicking continue, the minimap looked like this. http://imgur.com/Hg2kmgM

    Needed to refresh to fix it.

    None of the mouseover functions seem to be working, buttons and items don’t light up, and the custom cursor is replaced with the native one when you right click. If you spam right click, the custom cursor sometimes appears every dozen or so clicks.

  2. Hello, first of all, sorry if my english isn´t correct.
    now the question;
    how i download it to use without internet?
    it work better when i download it.
    PD: Great game.

  3. I sincerely hope you stick to your guns and continue work on this game. I found this game by complete and utter damn luck. I don’t want to see it go the way of the 404osaur


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