Wayward Weekly: 1.8.4

1.8.4 Screenshot

I decided to push this release a day just so I could get a few more items added to the changelog. We are getting to the point in our todo list where bigger things need to get done, and the changes aren’t meaning too much to the players, so please excuse us if the next weeklies seem a bit “lackluster”.

Next week we can expect a preliminary model for the new “actions” system where you can contextually perform actions to a facing tile/item without needing to use an item. Some ideas include: drinking water, resting, etc.


Back-up your game regularly if you care about it, especially with these weekly releases. There’s a Save/Load modification available for this task. Wayward is a still a beta!

Once you go weekly, there’s no going back in your save, it will convert it if you play online.

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Wayward Beta 1.8.4 Changelog


Fixed a bug where:

  • Cave houses were not spawning with items randomly.
  • Throwing a container would destroy the items inside.


  • Initial game/save load sped up by around 10-20% depending on browser/hardware.
  • Skeletons can now sometimes spawn in generated templates/houses/boats.
  • Performing any action on a hidden enemy (Trap Door Spider) will now reveal it.
  • Fixed an issue with some sounds on some browsers where audio would sound like it was getting cut-off.


  • Derelict boats and rafts can now spawn in the open seas.
  • There is now a code console in options where you can any code without needing to load a mod.


  • Templating code/objects have been overhauled.

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