Wayward Newsletter #1

Wayward Newsletter

Hey all,

Welcome to the first Wayward newsletter. A monthly or bi-monthly (the every two months variant) showcase of all things Wayward. News, discussions, mods, videos, and more!

The last couple weeks have been a blur. Lots of patching, lots of fixing, lots of people playing Wayward again. If you somehow missed all the excitement, you can peruse all the patches that have been released so far since the Steam launch:

Beta NaN (2.0.5) Released

Beta 2.0.4 Released

Beta 2.0.3 Released

Beta 2.0.2 Released

Beta 2.0.1 Released

We’ve focused on user complaints, issues, bugs, and new quality of life improvements for the game. Making it stable and more “complete” to prepare for the wait and development of the upcoming major 2.1 patch. We’re already well on our way for beta 2.1, by the way. If you want to follow along with us, you can keep an eye on our Trello: https://trello.com/b/PWX1Hpjn/wayward-todo

The major patches is where we will show off new content, new gameplay, and bigger community-submitted ideas that couldn’t fit into the minor patches. We hope to have plenty of exciting things for new and older players alike in beta 2.1.

We won’t over-hype anything yet, but you can technically read through everything we are planning in the Trello, including many spoilers. We will also be doing a full video showcase of the new stuff when the time comes.

On with the showcases:

Discussion Showcase

Doom Discussion

A proposal on a brand new difficulty and scaling system within Wayward.


Mod Showcase


Reincarnate respawns you somewhere random in your world on death and refills your stats (health, stamina, etc.) but empties out your inventory to the spot where you died. Travel back to the spot of your demise to grab your items and resume your pursuits. Be careful next time, won’t you?


Video Showcase

You & I Play

Two players working their way through Wayward makes for a quite enjoyable series. Showing that two heads are better than one; when trying to survive at least.


We do that Discord thing. Come hang out and chat!


Developer Showcase

I know I get most of the limelight, but I just wanted to mention the rest of the wonderful Wayward team:

  • Gary ‘Spacetech’ Wilber (Programming)
  • Frank ‘Sassafrass’ Sasto (Programming)
  • Dusty ‘Goaticide’ Melling (Art/Design)
  • Austin Dhillon (Music)

Thank you all for your support! It’s a dream come true to have a game on Steam. But the way I celebrate is to keep working on making Wayward better!

Stay tuned and have fun!

Vaughn “Drathy” Royko

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