Wayward Diaries by Tony Mo

Once in awhile I like to showcase some great Wayward video content here on the blog.

Tony Mo¬†gives great insight as a new player, working his way through the trials and tribulations of surviving in Wayward in his series “Wayward Diaries”. These diaries provide beneficial information to us as developers on what needs improving. It also helps that he is really well spoken and even throws in some interesting stories and anecdotes¬†in the mix for entertainment value.

If you follow our Reddit/Facebook/Twitter you have probably already watched these, but if not, enjoy this ongoing series:

Wayward Diaries, Chapter I (Shipwrecked)

Wayward Diaries, Chapter II (BaseCamp)


Wayward Diaries, Chapter III (Survivas Maximus)


He also created a preliminary video about Wayward entitled, “This Is… Wayward“.

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