Wayward Beta 1.9 Released!

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Life’s been busy, but thanks for sticking around. Beta 1.9 has been released and it’s full of all of our great Weekly changes as well as a giant list of other things. Some of the more exciting things include vulnerabilities and resistances being revealed in combat, a fix to that annoying invisible rotten meat bug, a couple new survival food items, and being able to change directions while moving with your mouse without needing to de-click and changing directions. That’s just scratching the surface though, make sure to read below.

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Mac OS X (10.7+) (Mirror #1) (Mirror #2)

Just like beta 1.8 previously, 1.9 contains all the fixes/changes/additions from the intermediary versions and some brand new stuff as well, this time quite a lot. You can expect everything from 1.8.1-1.8.6 and the following:


Fixed a bug where:

  • De-spawning would stop to function properly after awhile in a game/session.
  • Using quick-slotted items with hotkeys would bypass sling/bow equip restrictions and cause containers not to work.
  • Quickslotted items would not restock if thrown from the item menu.
  • 0 durability items being blocked from crafting if they were just required (and not consumed).
  • Dying while rafting would cause the player to become stuck on respawn.
  • Invisible rotten meat would keep spawning in a player’s inventory if they had some meat with a 0 decay in the first spot of a container, in the first spot of their inventory. You can see how this one was hard to track down!
  • Filters would not work in Safari.
  • Items would disappear if you tried to use “Drop (All) In Opened Container” when not facing the chest.
  • Closing a container with the “X” would not actually close the container via game logic, possibly causing some container errors.
  • Fists and throwing items with no damage type would result in no vulnerabilities and resistances being applied.
  • Players could get different items back after they just placed a tile. For example, getting shale from a pile of gravel they just placed down.


  • Randomized events will now happen more frequently.
  • Acceleration on movement slowed down on turning to produce more accurate facing movements.
  • Slowed down monster de-spawn a bit (although, it’s much faster than before due to a bug fix).
  • Items you cannot craft are displayed with a red border instead of a very low opacity.
  • If a container breaks from throwing, the items inside now scatter around the point of impact.
  • Decreased the durability on branches, bones, and wooden poles to promote crafting of higher tiered items for gathering/fighting.
  • You can now turn while moving with your mouse and holding down, instead of having to de-click, and then changing directions.
  • Increased vine whip durability.
  • “A Spear” is now “A Stone Spear”.
  • You now always have a chance at doing at least 1 damage to a creature.
  • Resists and vulnerabilities re-balanced across all creatures.
  • Fixed some grammar issues with combat messages.


  • A couple new survival food related items added.
  • Added a couple missing translation texts including recipe skill, equipment type, damage types, and dialog titles.
  • A pick-up option was added to the action menu for doors.
  • Inspecting an aberrant monster will now reveal it’s abnormal.
  • Combat messages will now reveal effectiveness of what you are using to damage a creature.
  • New fancy webkit-only scroll bars!


  • Item CSS is now generated dynamically instead of via CSS. This will improve modibility and changing of items on the fly.


6 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.9 Released!”

  1. Bad news i founded a bug “-.-
    if you put a Weapon on the quickslot (in this case a Stone Shovel) having your weapons equiped and save and close your game, and you restart the game, the shovel is using 1 slot but also you have your weapons equiped.
    Sorry if my english isn´t good and Good luck with this nice game 😀
    Here is the Img


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