Wayward Alpha 1.3 Released

As always, you can play it at the normal place/link:

I code-named this release “Gameplay” because many of the changes were in effort to help aid game mechanics and an overall increase in fun/enjoyment. There’s quite a lot of tweaks and fixes in this release as well. Read them all, over on the Changelog.

New to this release is the ability to download an offline version. For some reason, even though I am making a browser-based game, people would still rather download it… then… run it in their browser anyways? Not sure about that one, haha. Download it here.

The biggest changes in this release is the re-introduction of procedural world generation, changes to the goal or “win” mechanic,¬†monster spawn scaling¬†(rather than monster difficulty¬†scaling), and overall less grinding. As always, I’m already looking forward to the next release where we will see a huge amount of new items, recipes, and other content.

This release also features some amazing artwork from Dusty Melling. There’s a few of them to see for yourself in the game.

3 thoughts on “Wayward Alpha 1.3 Released”

  1. I do believe that sound isn’t working in the downloadable version, could you please address this issue?

    • Unfortunately this is looking like a security issue/setting on some browsers/configurations. I’m not sure if I will be able to fix it, but I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Missed 1.2 but played a while with 1.1. Just beat this build and I got to say I really enjoyed it. I had fun figuring out the new craftables, exploring the generated islands and coming up with a survival plan. Fantastic work again! This is a truly great game, though I have a few issues…

    Once night hits the game becomes quite difficult with all the imps and hordes of other creatures that follow you no matter what. I found myself having to build small islands off the coast of main islands in order to rest in between having stabs at those damn imps. I think it’s kinda silly that a valid (and possibly vital) strategy is to spend most of your time fishing and resting with only brief moments where you attempt to land some damage on the imps before you get into low health.

    On the other hand, food scarcity is a non issue and I found that I quickly built up a great surplus without even actively looking for food. I kinda miss the struggle of 1.1 and the great joy of chancing upon a huge mushroom patch. I think raw food got a buff as well; I don’t believe I was able to survive purely on raw meat in 1.1.

    While the increased resource yield is a good and noticeable change, I’m finding that with all the new things you need to make and how quickly they break it’s a struggle to put together enough resources and I often alternate mining and sleeping for long periods of time in order to get enough resources for a spear, a backup spear, an axe, a bow lighter thingy, a camplace, a morter and pestle, an extra sleeping bag, a backup backup spear (I love spears), some bark armour, and in particular the thousands of pieces of string you will need to make anything. I’d rather the struggle for resources be in things you have to explore or kill to get.

    But again, brilliant work and I hope you will have a lot of luck with this.


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