On Scope

Wayward is a big project. In fact, it’s really limitless in it’s scope. I could keep adding/improving it forever it feels like. Although I don’t like to personally draw this comparison, take Minecraft for example – it keeps changing and evolving even after it was released. Will it ever end? Who makes that choice? How is that choice made?

It becomes quite clear that for my first public game, I should have chose something easier, quicker, more designed, and more planned. I need the experience. I need the experience because I want that knowledge to make Wayward the best game I can. I keep planning other games that I will make after Wayward, but when will “after” actually come?

Having said all that, I realize that the scope of Wayward creates a following, creates fans of the game. That depth is what makes people come back to play and want to play and explore more of what the game has to offer. The comments I get, the emails, the donations I receive all help my “drive” to complete Wayward, or at least push me to get the next version out.

It seems like each release gets bigger. The wait between each release also gets bigger due to other projects/interests and because of all the changes themselves – some of them particularly complex/hard things to implement. I hope to break this chain with the upcoming beta and then really focus on like perhaps 10 things per release from then on out.

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