Beta 2.8.3 Released

Hey all,

Just a smaller release this time around. Even though it’s smaller, it still has some great new features packed in. Here’s a few important-ish things:

Pass Trough Creatures

You can now pass through weaker or flying creatures by disabling auto attack; however, they may attack you as you pass, leading to some more strategic escapes.

Improved Building Visuals

The contrast was lacking between flooring, walls, and structures. We’ve boosted this a bit to make your abode a bit nicer looking.

New Building Contrast

Crafting Efficacy

Introducing crafting efficacy. Starting at 20% crafting skill, you will begin to get a rating on each craft, letting you now how effective you are (using your combination of item and doodad qualities/tiers). The higher this value, the better chance at a higher quality and durability for your craft. You can read more about this in the help menu. The underlying system for this was already in place, it was just invisible to the player.

Crafting Efficacy

Auto-save Options

Due to popular demand, you can now set the auto save interval based on turns or time. Auto saving will also no longer stop you in your tracks, disabling movement after, and should be much more painless.

Auto Save Options

Multiplayer Improvements

The server browser will show all games except for private games. Friends-only games and games running in different versions will now be shown so you can switch versions or shoot over a friend request if you spot a game you want to join.

Additionally, we have fixed an issue with multiplayer games and how player’s are identified. You may run into issues with pre-existing multiplayer games because of this. The player data is not lost and we can help you out if you send us over the save and the Steam IDs (or Steam profiles) of the players in the game. We will correct the saves for you. Apologies for the issues!

Server Browser Changes

Oh ya, and Happy New Year!


  • You can now pass/walk through smaller or flying creatures by disabling auto attack; however, they may attack you as you pass.
  • Crafts will now give a rating of how effective you are when crafting the item (for maximal quality/durability results) based on item/doodad qualities and item/doodad tiers.
  • Added an option to configure the autosave timer, and toggle between turns and time elapsed.
  • Added status warnings to stat tooltips (when hovering over stats).


  • All multiplayer games will show now in the server browser, regardless of friend status or version differences except for private games.
  • Improved contrast of flooring versus walls (and all built structures) for all resource types for improved clarity.
  • Liquid containers can now drop or be crafted with the “potency” legendary type.
  • Autosave no longer stops movement.
  • Reduced the size of the non-pixel font slightly.
  • Fixed a few instances where item qualities were not specified in messages.
  • The last save time and save size are now viewable in the save button tooltip.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect player identifiers being set when joining multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an incorrect warning message appearing for destroying plants from gathering. (Thanks Davadin!)
  • Fixed an issue where only the first consumed item in a craft would be used for tier bonus calculations.
  • Fixed terrain qualities not appearing until reloading the save game again.
  • Fixed a scrollbar appearing beside stats and attributes in several cases. (Thanks Sneed!)
  • Fixed containers changing legendary types when being consumed. (Thanks Dodging Rain!)
  • Fixed a bug where some doodads would count for double the bonus when using them in a craft.
  • Fixed flashing occurring when opening the Steam overlay while in-game.
  • Fixed the consumable message not highlighting bad versus good stat changes.
  • Fixed animal fat still counting as fuel, leading to 0 added decay when added to torches. (Thanks EatAtSardis!)
  • Corrected numerous pluralization issues.
  • Fixed health always being set to maximum if any other health stat option is applied.
  • Fixed there not being a way to configure your starting max health in custom game mode.
  • Fixed mod issues interrupt not listing which mods were required when joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed tile mapping issues with ash cement flooring.


  • Defaulted more cards to use DirectX9 that had graphic issues.

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