Beta 2.2 “Tamed” Released

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Wayward beta 2.2 “Tamed” is now available!

Wayward is currently on sale from November 18th to November 25th, 2016.

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With Beta 2.2, a large focus was placed on balance this time around and smoothing out the early and late game states in Wayward. Making it easier for new players and new games, but more smoothly ramping up to a more challenging experience for end-game scenarios.

As there was many balancing changes and additions that will alter playstyles, we look forward to everybody’s thoughts and opinions on the flow of things. This is something that will constantly be refined as we go forward. With taming being included as a whole new playstyle, I imagine there is still work to be done here.

Besides the balance reworks, there’s also a huge haul of new content, options, and UI/user experience improvements. The change list is pretty massive once again. Sorry/not sorry! We hope that you spot one or two of your suggestions in the changelog, but if not, there’s always next time!

Beta 2.2 also marks the longest time spent on a major update since launching on Steam. We’ve heard comments that players would rather have smaller major updates that take less time to come out. From a marketing and promotional standpoint, this would be tricky to do, but if enough people want it, we may consider changing this aspect. As always, we plan to do a couple smaller patches after this major.


New (25 changes)

  • Added creature taming and item offering.
  • Added an option to confirm when stepping on to fire or dangerous object.
  • A new creature has been added.
  • A new lava tile has been added (with added support for tile lighting and animation).
  • Over 25 new items and doodads added. Included in this are all clay/stone/sandstone versions of campfires, furnaces, and kilns. Also included in this is a wealth of new unique resources and simulation-focused corpse carved resources.
  • A dismantle tab has added to crafting (so you don’t have to go into an item’s menu to dismantle items).
  • Added a “Drop Under Yourself” (instead of facing tile) option.
  • Added a new option to warn players on possible item break when crafting with items with 0 durability.
  • A new “Pick-up All” option has been added to the actions menu when facing a stack of items.
  • Added a hint for filtering/moving/resizing windows when scrolling on windows for the first time.
  • Crafts can now be sorted by skill (shown in a list like categories).
  • Item/action menu and quickslot binds now show the key they have been re-binded to.
  • Added a new skeletal remains doodad that will replace skeleton spawns in abandoned houses that only animate when near.
  • Corpses now decay into their resources (as given when carved).
  • Added a new option for disabling crafts when equipped or within a quickslot.
  • There is now a sunset and sunrise (atmospheric lighting color shifts).
  • Added a blood in water graphic/corpse object.
  • Added a couple more rare random events.
  • You can now “Dig With Hands” from the actions menu without using a shovel with the same potentially harmful effects as gathering without a tool.
  • Added support for media/browser keyboard keybinds in the options.
  • Each doodad and tile event now has a unique description.
  • Each creature now has a unique description.
  • A new milestone was added.
  • Added the following item groups: seed, fruit, vegetable, and tinder.
  • Added a warning dialog when trying to go back Wayward versions.

Bugs (24 changes)

  • Fixed a performance issue that increased CPU as much as 50% on some lower-end computers, even when idle.
  • Fixed an oversight that had tall grass drop grass seeds instead of tall grass seeds.
  • Fixed some instances where creatures did not pathfind behind obstacles reliably.
  • Fixed filtering not working after sorting in the crafting window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented harpies, boglings, zombies, hobgoblins, and skeletons from dropping some loot.
  • Cancelled sorting when using a hotkey. This fixed some instances of “ghost” items in inventory
  • Fixed a bug where two turns were taken on successful transmogrification.
  • Fixed a bug where plants would inherit their planted seed’s weight.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow the game to be run when within a directory with a “#” in the name.
  • Fixed some instances of dismantling items adding up to more than the weight of the original item as well as other cases when dismantling was returning items with weights that was too low.
  • Fixed an issue where backspace did not work as a key bind.
  • Fixed an issue where some creatures could never spawn as aberrant forms.
  • Fixed a bug that made certain items heavier when not crafted directly (wrought iron arrows in treasure chests for example).
  • Fixed a bug where mod keybinds were randomly changing on reload.
  • Fixed a rare issue where random events could spawn plants on improper tiles.
  • Fixed an issue where if there was enough keybinds added via mods, it would cut off display of all or some of them.
  • Fixed a bug where the monster hit sound was not played if no damage was caused.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a bunch of “undefined” messages when clicking “Clear Messages” when scrolled in a non-default placement.
  • Fixed an issue where telling time via the sundial was not accurate.
  • Fixed a bug that would not remove light source from extinguished torches for a turn.
  • Fixed many typos and grammatical issues throughout.
  • Fixed a bug that showed two damage values when pouring water on to a fire elemental.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to transfer more weight than the maximum allotment to a container when using the shift/move all functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where growing plants did not have any durability by default.

Balance (25 changes)

  • Reduced weight of all lockpicks, bullets, and (iron) arrowheads.
  • Decreased max attack of zombie, but increased max hp slightly.
  • Increased most creature resistances to make damage types more impactful in combat.
  • Reduced difficulty of crafting waterskins and water stills.
  • Reduced scaling aberrant damage and defense a bit, but increased their health slightly (based on player’s strength).
  • Increased maximum range on all ranged weapons/tools except for composite bows which was reduced in range.
  • Composite bows now also have a reduced damage and durability.
  • Increased base damage on all bullets and arrows.
  • Increased difficulty of transmogrifying.
  • There is now a maximum reinforcement amount per item (based on quality). Increased max durability given on each reinforce significantly.
  • There is now a malignity limit of -/+ 64000.
  • Smoothed out malignity increase/decrease values across all creatures focusing on gaining less malignity near start of game, and gaining more in late game.
  • Doubled the negative malignity gained when travelling.
  • Stone Arrowheads now have a larger variety of weight. Previously they could only be crafted as 0.1 weight.
  • Large rocks now dismantle into 3 stones instead of 2.
  • Logs now dismantle into 2 tree bark (with the wooden poles) instead of 1.
  • Reduced the healing effect of sutures slightly.
  • Wrong tools and hands now reduce overall chance of resource gathering.
  • Malignity directly effects spawn rate frequency. This is no longer dictated by the length of your game save/turns.
  • Filling and drinking water will now decrease water depth if not connected to enough water.
  • Increased pouring damage against fire elementals significantly.
  • Malignity now effects aberrant spawning chances (more malignity = more aberrants, less malignity = less aberrants).
  • Drakes now can break down walls.
  • There is now a higher chance for creature drops (from loot tables specifically) to be of higher quality/legendary.
  • Reduced maximum starting dexterity (stamina).

Improvements (57 changes)

  • Nights now get a bit more dark, and have a stronger blue tint.
  • Maximum lighting radius now differ from each doodad (campfires will provide more light than furnaces as an example).
  • Added variable lighting radius to fire and lit doodads (campfires, furnaces, etc.) based on the fire’s strength.
  • Equipping multiple torches will now use both of their light bonuses.
  • Increased lighting radius of all torches slightly.
  • Display total amount of items over the required in crafts (8/2 instead of 2/2).
  • Inspection (and tool-tips) now reveals if creatures are aberrant.
  • Forge and Anvils are now just “Stone Anvils” with an updated recipe. You will now require to be around another fire source and an anvil now for blacksmithing.
  • Milestones are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Decreased weight of leather hides and now dismantles from the newly added animal pelts (with animal fur).
  • “Bones” renamed to “Bone Fragments” and no longer act the same as a “bone”. They can be dismantled into two bone needles instead. These have also been added to many creature corpses that were missing bones.
  • Low decay items (within 10% of decaying) are now shown in a red border (like low durability items).
  • Tweaked skeletal mage aberrant graphic (looks more distinct).
  • Keybinds for the action menu are now strictly set and do no change based on context. For example, closing a door will always be the same shortcut/hotkey now.
  • Items that decay into creatures (eggs to chickens) now will hatch within player’s inventory, containers on tiles and doodads and will also be announced with a message.
  • Grass blades and leaves now can be used as tinder.
  • Pirate ghosts now spawn from magical essence decay/break.
  • Disassembling found items/equipment/etc. will now produce quality items based on the quality of the item being disassembled.
  • Pile of ash no longer burns under fires.
  • Things that would spawn on decay from items will now also spawn on the item being completely broken/destroyed.
  • Wooden fences now use 2 logs and a wooden pole now (instead of 3 logs) and can be disassembled.
  • Rotten meat item is now generalized graphically (so it doesn’t just symbolize a steak).
  • Underground lakes are now a bit less massive.
  • Sleeping interruption now checks a square around you instead of just the four adjacent tiles.
  • Many improvements done to the Starter Quest including reducing the amount of quests and mentioning how long it will take.
  • You can no longer bind keys to left click (mouse 0).
  • You can now be within a 3×3 area of a required doodad instead of having to face it directly.
  • Improved information and grammar across all hints. Hints are no longer worded as though you triggered them (for players that browse them organically).
  • Added failure skill gain on gathering/digging when not getting any resource.
  • Fire elementals and drakes now avoid water.
  • Fire no longer damages flying creatures.
  • Drakes can now pass/stay in fire.
  • Doodads now display their quality in world tool-tips.
  • Added the ability for corpses to burn.
  • You can no longer disassemble arrowheads, bullets or lockpicks (due to it giving back more resources than weight could suggest).
  • If a random event occurs within sight, it is now reported in your messages, “You notice…”.
  • Tweaked the corpse graphic for sharks to match the new blood in water graphic.
  • Added particle effects to stoke fire.
  • Collecting doodads that don’t have a skill use (like walls) will now reduce stamina like other doodads (based on mining skill).
  • Added all water contains to creature loot (instead of just waterskins).
  • Disassemble requirements are now shown in tooltip.
  • Fire colors have been improved and are now more vibrant.
  • “Carve” from the actions menu is now “Carve With Tool”, “Gather” is now “Gather With Hands”, and “Rest” is now “Rest on Ground”, giving more information to what is happening.
  • Improved the readability and display of dismantled items in tool-tips (no longer shows A Wooden Pole, A Wooden Pole, A Wooden Pole, … for example).
  • You can no longer right (or left) click to drop while moving/experiencing a delay.
  • Particles brightness is now dependent on both ambient light and local light sources (no more black particles near light sources at night).
  • You now gain some skill when dismantling/disassembling (based on the item’s associated skill).
  • You now gain anatomy skill when pouring water on yourself.
  • You now gain camping skill when lighting fires.
  • There is now a “News” button on the main game screen.
  • You can now build up tiles over water, raising the water with each tile. There are no more restriction set for adjacent land for this.
  • Separated the item action for equipping to your “hands”, to two options for left and right hands.
  • Torches will now be doused when swimming.
  • You can no longer have lit torches in containers.
  • You can now disassemble containers (items will move to your inventory).
  • Prefixes have been added to creature corpses (fixing some grammatical issues).
  • You no longer pick-up items under creatures while attacking them.

Developer/Modding (12 changes)

  • Added support for back equippables to overlay over hair as well as provide custom sprites for water animations.
  • Added the following hooks: CanPlayerAttack, IsTileInspectable, OnInspectTile, OnCreatureDeath, and GetPlayerMaxHealth.
  • Added getLoadedModByName to make interacting with other mods from your mod easier.
  • The Wayward source and mods now use ES6 compilation.
  • Spawning groups are now defined as a creature property “spawnGroups” for defining creatures that spawn in caves, at night, as guardians, etc. This is no longer controlled within the spawning functions.
  • A new grouping system for doodads “DoodadTypeGroups” has been added.
  • Cleaned up parameters for skillGain.
  • Items, terrain, and creatures now have prefix support.
  • Reformatted language definitions. Prefixes now appear as the first parameter.
  • There is many new namespaces within the API including Corpse, TileEvent, and Creature. Previously, many creature functions were within the “game” namespace.
  • All references for “monster” has been changed to “creature”.
  • Modding guide has been updated and improved.

Mods (4 changes)

  • [Developer Tools] Added a template spawner.
  • [Developer Tools] Added a listing of mods and refresh buttons within the options menu.
  • [Developer Tools] Added an unlock recipe button.
  • [Reincarnate] Fixed an issue where reincarnate was not always sending you to a new location on death.

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