Beta 2.2.1 Released

Hey all, we have a small patch ready for release to fix some of the issues¬†you’ve all spotted since the beta 2.2 release. We are still working on some other things, but wanted to get some of these bigger issues ironed out sooner rather than later. Enjoy, and please report any issues!

If you want to keep up with all the development, we would recommend you check out our Trello:

Here’s the changelog:


  • Fixed the heavy lag while dragging items into quickslots. Performance while dragging items has also been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where item weight from a gathered doodad would only take in to account the first item across all of the items gathered. This caused the dismantle errors. If you still have a branch with 0.1 weight as a result of this, simply discard it, or use it in a craft to fix the issue.
  • Fixed water containers and other items that return other items on use from disappearing when used/consumed when coming from beta 2.1.3 saves.
  • Fixed an issue where milestones were getting reset on every game load.
  • Fixed quickslot items appearing above dialog/windows.
  • Fixed blood still being visible on the turn when it was removed.
  • Fixed a bug where you never would receive hand damage when gathering without a tool.
  • Fixed a bug where gather with hands still used a tool if equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting tabs were launching the Steam overlay. This was hotfixed into beta 2.2 prior to this release.


  • The order of the thirst and hunger bars have been swapped to match the notifications and messages (and internal data).
  • You will no longer get stuck at 0 malignity when maxing out the caps of both positive/negative. When maxing out one side of your malignity, the opposite side will be increased/decreased.
  • When carving a corpse with blood on top of it, it will now remove all blood on top of it and carve the corpse automatically.
  • Added the “You removed the blood.” message anytime you remove blood from a tile indirectly (closing a door, building on a tile, etc.) and added particle effects/sounds to the action.


  • Removed an unused forceAberrant property on spawnFromGroup.
  • Fixed addCreature not working properly for mods.


  • [Troposphere] Fixed some errors and broken functionality while in the Troposphere.
  • [Developer Tools]¬†Fixed a bug where the refresh mod section would disappear on game reloading.

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