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    Hey all, new to this forum, but not new to wiki editing. Looks like we could use some work around here too. If you don’t edit wiki’s ignore this post. If you do, lets work on hammering out this wiki so it’s new user friendly. The learning curve here is rather steep and a good wiki can smooth that out. Smoother curve = more players = more donations = bigger game for all of us to enjoy 🙂

    Wiki Editors:
    I’m placing “Needs Info” into categories I’d like people to fill in in the wiki (like ectoplasm weight etc…). Also, please link out to any pages that are useful within the wiki, even if you only make a “Page Under Construction” so someone can follow up behind you making the full page. If anyone else here is (x)HTML skilled, please set-up the table interfaces on new pages.

    Dev’s: Please find a home to place all your sprite images so I can link them into the pages (i.e. Krakens, rats, bottles, etc…) I’m waaay to lazy to image dump the files myself, help me out and I’ll get to linking them up in the wiki.

    Please post below if you need help in a specific wiki page or have more ideas for wiki modifying.



    Hello Hannibal,

    We currently have something in the works for 1.9.1 to possibly replace the wiki in most aspects, but you can let me know if that’s a fair assessment. Here’s the development version of the documentation:

    The issue with any wiki for a beta, continuous developing game is it becomes out of date easily. This was my response to help that.

    Let me know of any features you would like to see. I think the wiki could still see some use, in terms of guides, strategies and more general knowledge added to each page.


    I think that is a great start. I guess a good Crafting Recipe search page would also be nice. And what all qualifies in a group, if you could. When I first started I had a hard time figuring what all would be a “utensil” and the best ways to get one quickly.

    Great game and nice work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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