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    Thought I’d just post on here and let you guys know what’s been working for me so far. I’ve been playing this game off and on for about 2 weeks now and I think it’s great!

    Day 1:
    First thing is to build a Spear. You can usually get the materials you need from just a single tree and don’t bother building the “Poor Spear”. Craft two stripped barks together to make string and build a solid spear. In fact, I can tell you right now string is king. String is required for 90% of good crafts in this game so make lots of it as you gather materials.

    Now that you have a spear, don’t be afraid to go and fight things if you see them. Most things won’t kill you this early in the game. Especially giant rats. Giant Rats are gold in this game. They’re the easiest thing to kill that drops leather. You need to find at LEAST on Giant Rat and kill it on Day 1.

    Focus on crafting a 2nd waterskin on the 1st day. You’ll need it to purify your water. Kill a giant rat, craft tannin by making and mortar from crafting some smooth rocks and having some tree bark, then craft tanned leather. Use the bones to make a bone needle. Then all you’ll need is string for the waterskin. After that’s done I recommend finding a good place to call your home if you haven’t found one while searching for a rat. I’ve had the best success building into the gray stone mountains. If you can’t find gray stone mountains and a good amount of trees (good trees not palm trees) I recommend you restart. Optimal would be gray mountains next to lots of trees hopefully close to a cave entrance and near a water source. Try to find a place with as many of those perks as possible.

    Once you’ve found your place start chopping into trees and make a small dent into that mountain and throw up a door. Then focus on making something that will create fire. It’ll probably be close to night time now. I recommend making the Fire Plough because it’s more durable and later on when you have time you can make the Bow Plough by crafting a bow and combining it with the Plough which has a lot more durability. Build yourself a fire by dropping some sticks on the ground and double clicking on the item you made to create fire. Now you can cook that meat you got from your rat and eat it and also drink your water if you’re low on thirst.

    Throughout the night I would sleep inside your little tunnel and keep digging to make it bigger. Try to make a second exit if you can. Use your rocks you’re picking up to make stone walls and place them outside so you can make a little outside courtyard that will be protected as you go into your mountain home. DO NOT use wood walls. There’s an enemy later in the game that will burn your whole damn house down so they’re useless later on. Also any tree items you have at this point start using to craft some bark armor.

    Day 2:

    Your main focus today is to make a stone water still. This is the best method I’ve found for purifying water. You already have the hardest thing to obtain for this which is the 2nd waterskin. Focus today on crafting any remaining bark armor you can build and don’t have yet and fortifying your position with the stone wall around your mountain home. You can start dropping extra materials like logs and bark inside your walls and build a chest you want to throw in items you don’t use very often. Thirst is your biggest worry at this point and the number 1 killer of people in the early game. Grab the rest of the materials you need for the Stone Still and see if it pops up on your crafting menu. If not, keep mining and stone crafting things. Eventually your skill will develop enough for you to make the stone still. Once you have it immediately go fill your waterskin with water and start purifying. It takes some time for it to purify once you have it on the fire. Once you have a good source for water you can relax a little bit.

    Day 3 and beyond:
    Keep building, fortifying, and now you can do some exploring as well. Don’t run away from fights all the time either because that skill will be very necessary but know when to back out. I don’t recommend fighting the bog green things until you have some solid ways of curing poison. If you see flowers or cotton pick them up and make seeds out of them and plant them in your little courtyard you made and watch your garden grow. Flower seeds can be mixed with purified water to cure poison. Cotton can be picked and made into fabric. Fabric will make bandages. Set something on fire, once it’s burned out it leaves behind coal. Combine your bandage with coal and it will make a bandage that also cures poison. Yes gardening can save your life. Go kill some things and craft some leather armor. Make a raft so you can easily check out other islands. Tailor it to how your game is going from here on out. Hope this helps! Have fun!

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