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    Har, har, besides my bad joke, we are testing fullscreen options for the upcoming Beta 1.2. Here’s a more “practical” image running on 1920×1080:

    *Note: the camera/view currently isn’t properly offset/centered in these shots (which is why your character on is the top left).

    *Additional note: I rarely cross promote these random posts I throw up on Reddit. I probably should post on the Forums more!



    Fullscreen mode aside for a moment… Would it be possible to allow us a choice of GUI style?  I actually preferred the GUI in 1.0.x versus the one in 1.1.1. If not, don’t stress about it as I am sure that I will become used to the new style, I just don’t find much use for the wide stats bars, and the inability to enlarge the text area, yeah… I like a larger text box of say 20 lines of history or more if possible o.0′


    Either way, enjoying the game thus far!


    I feel slightly foolish this morning as I realized that once you click messages in the lower left corner it allows you to resize your text box. o.0″


    I was just about to reply with that, hah! The GUI isn’t quite 100% yet, expect it to improve and get better over time. That being said, everything eventually will be easy to modify to your own personal liking.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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