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    Hey there. Just started playing the games 2 days ago. It’s a decent game and addicting, but I think version 1.1 need a lot more additional features.

    Here’s some suggestions from me: =D


    -All crafting activities need stamina.
    -Lower the experience for leveling skill. If the current rate is 10, change to 1 or 0.1.
    -Put up some habits/attributes/traits at beginning of the game. Taking negative gain points for positive habits.
    -When equip a bow, instead of a shield, quiver is reccomended.
    -Aggressive animals will attack our furniture and building.
    -Aggressive animals will attack player when sleeping.
    -Bone can be carved from vertebrates.
    -Big vertebrates like bears or sharks have more bones when carved.
    -Bones can be used to make other things (equipments, tools, ammunition, etc).
    -Implement more fruit dropping trees.
    -After eating fruit, player will get the seed(plantable).
    -If another terrain is added, like snowy or dessert , implementing weather and temperature will be good.
    -Implement furs. Carved from furry animals,  like wolf, rabbits, bear, etc.
    -Spider silk is quite useless. Maybe it can be used to make thread.
    -Furs and wools equipment can disable effects of weather and temperature.
    -Silk can be carved from flowers, to make thread or wool.



    -skill to create accessories (ring, necklace,bracelet)

    -higher > lesser stamina
    -durability higher

    -add fishing rod and bait
    -fishing nets can catch few fish at once

    -damage zero/’miss’
    -ability to dodge trap

    -damage reduced
    -applicable when shield equipped

    Sewing (if fur and wool implemented)
    -leather, wool, fur equipment crafting
    -replace Leathercrafting

    -affects the amount of carved items from ground or animals(not including trees, stones, fishing, etc)
    -replace camping skill

    -it will be nice if player can dive to deep water and the map will change to underwater(similar to cavern). =))


    -for bolts or arrows.

    -shoot more ammunitions in 1 turn.

    -ammunition for crossbow

    -iron + coal
    -can be used for eqs, utensils, furniture, etc


    -Cooking utensils, i.e (clay)pot, pan, etc (Blacksmithing/Claythrowing)

    -Pouch(+15), Bag(+30), Backpack(+50/60) (Sewing)

    -Salt (cooking)
    >condense salt from ocean water

    >bee hives

    >sugar cane plant


    -Iron & steel tile, wall, door, counter/table, dresser, chest (Blacksmithing)

    -Wooden door, counter/table, dresser (Woodcrafting)

    -Glass tile, wall, door, counter/table, dresser, chest (Glassblowing)

    -Keg or Barrel(Woodcrafting/Claythrowing)
    >for putting water gathered and any other things

    -Tent(3×3) (Sewing)
    >protect from aggressive animals, when they attack the tent, player will wake up. (player will get critical damages if attacked while sleeping in leaf bedroll).


    here are a few:

    * more useful stuff to make out of logs?  maybe a log wall?

    * i often end up using stone walls as “doors” in and out of areas im enclosing.  an actual door i could build or something, maybe a draw bridge?  idk.  itd be nice.


    also itd be neat if at some point monsters walked out of cave entrances or like followed you out idk if they do that already


    also if monsters went and rooted around your shit if you had food stored there.  so if you had a home base set up and went off exploring maybe you come back and find something nasty ruckin around your stuff unless you have walls

    also i just lit a bunch of rocks on fire without any kindling / combustible stuff

    also some kind of text search for recipes — its really hard to find stuff right now when you have a lot


    Bridge will be good idea. Maybe we can make a harbour for fishing =D


    itd be cool to be able to salvage thread from my bow.

    maybe have some items that are salvageable?

    stone wall = stones
    sandstone wall = sandstone
    bow = pole and string — maybe not pole cause you had to mess it up to make the bow
    iron things could be melted down into scrap iron or something that can be used for other shittier things or reforged with some work


    also if you have multiple items of a certain type in your inventory that are used for a recipe, you cant pick which one to use.  this is mainly a problem because i dont wanna use my legendary sharpened bone to make a bone needle.

    also in the new version food doesnt decay in a wooden container.

    that actually makes me think itd be cool to have an ice chest or some kind of appropriate analogue to one — something that slows down the decay rate of food so you can hoard it a little more

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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