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    So, I was going back to my house (inside mountains) and I have a front and back door. I went into the back one and started walking towards the front one when I noticed it was on fire, I got closer and a Fire Elemental (I think it was called) came in and killed me. My question is, is there any such thing as a stone door or something that won’t burn down but you can go through it?


    Since nobody else has replied, I don’t think there is at the moment. My suggestion is to either have no door, and just break down your stone wall when you need to leave, or build your door on a tile where the elemental can’t path to. For example, you could have a tile of deep water between the outside world, and your door. You can swim through it, but the elemental -probably- can’t. You can get really elaborate and create a hall of traps with a sidesection where you can swim through to avoid the traps, but the monster will have to shamble down the hall, getting mashed.


    As @enyuu has suggested, there’s no stone doors at the moment. But it is on the todo!


    Try using stone walls outside your entrance to create a more elaborate entry way then just a straight line into a door. That way you know to walk around something but the fire elemental gets caught on the corner. Sort of like 2 L’s.


    There will be stonedoors… or doors with metal on it… but they will remain vulnerable to fire as far as I read somewhere, right?

    So it would be a nice optical gimmick… but no help against FE ^^

    Have a moat in front of your doors 😉


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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