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    First I want to say that this game is great. It’s a fine combination of sandbox and goal-driven.

    Here  are a few suggestions. Please forgive me if any of these are answered elsewhere:

    •I’d like to be able to name my character. It’s minor, but personable.
    •I want to echo Gekctek’s suggestion that sleep should slow hunger depletion. After all, that’s how reality seems to handle it.
    •Also I wanted to mention that the fire elementals appear to be setting the ocean on fire, which leaves behind ash.
    •Fire elementals should be able to move through flames, if that’s at all possible. And certain things (like stone walls) should not be burnable in this manner. I noticed that one of the elementals had burned down my stone wall, and that felt a little unreal.
    •Stamina should rise slower, or perhaps even stagnate, when you walk and you have a substantial percentage of your weight. Like 0% would be the fastest growing rate while walking and 100% would not rise at all.
    •There should be a way to make maps to keep track of where you are and have been. If this is an in-game item, then ignore this—I’ve been deliberately avoiding any spoilers.
    •Lastly, I feel like containers should have their own inventories, if at all possible. Or there should be a way to produce signs, so that I can label my chests to remember what’s in what.


    Now, for a couple questions…

    •Is there any way to discard an item from the game without placing it on the ground? I find that I can’t get rid of ash and leaves unless I store them in a box.
    •How exactly does death and respawning work? Is the world randomized each time? I found that the first few times I died, my skills carried over but my equipment didn’t. Fair enough. But this last time, nothing carried over, but my crafting list showed much more than I feel like it should have.

    Thanks again. This has provided me a great distraction.


    More suggestions:

    • Rather than “A Poor Axe” could the name be something like, “Simple Axe” or “Stone Axe”? That way you won’t have “remarkable poor” items. “A” should be removed from item titles in general anyway, to avoid awkward statements on your log.

    • When I throw dirt onto shallow water, and dig it up, there is only dirt underneath. Is there a way to have the tile remember that there was water underneath it? Or to have a tile increase its “turn to water” probability when you dig it depending on how close you are to the ocean, or something?

    • I’m not sure this is implemented, but if a remarkable pole is used to build, let’s say, a hammer, it should increase the probability that the hammer will be remarkable.


    I think pretty much all of your points are currently on the to-do list besides the Fire Elemental stuff. Noted.

    There’s no way to remove an item from the game other than putting it in a fire.

    Wayward is a Permadeath game. The only thing that should be saved in your memories of past crafts. The skills coming over is in fact a bug. Maps are procedurally generated every spawn.


    Wonderful, thanks for the response. As it happens, I have some more suggestions, with regards to daylight and fire, that should be reasonably easy to implement:

    • The light outside should redden around dawn and dusk. And the dusk and dawn should be a bit more brief, following a realistic daily curve.

    • When inside a cave, the cave entrance should act as a light source, with an intensity based on the light level outside.

    • An open flame should illuminate its surroundings based on its intensity.

    • Perhaps, while outside, the player character could have a small shadow with a length, darkness, and direction based on the time of day. Ideally, every tile with “height” should have this, but I can see how this could be a drain on both developer time and browser response.

    I have a substantial background in physics and astrophysics, so I can give you RGB values or even a function to give realistic values, if you don’t care to do it yourself.


    Additionally (another bug report), is there any way to prevent a lit torch’s decay from resetting when you throw it away and pick it back up?


    OK, I just beat the game. Here are some final thoughts:

    • “You are no where near the treasure” should be “nowhere.”

    • Trapdoor spiders should not appear in the water.

    • The Bullboat, if at all possible, should not be usable in a closed body of water, or underground. I beat the game in a shallow pool in the middle of a desert.


    …And carried-over treasure maps only return error messages on the new world!

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