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    -Monster spawning is nearly zero. Building a shelter is not required now.

    -Cave entrance discoveries are extremely common. Mining into a large amount of rock will mean 10-20+ cave entrances in a visible area.

    -Some items have no double click use, but have a right click drop use. Right clicking pulls up a browser menu. Why not change for example a log to double click use to fuel fire?

    -The buttons for opening windows were surprisingly not a toggle switch to close a window once it was open.

    -Tree saplings are extremely rare. At 91% lumberjacking I found one.

    -The text Stamina: #/# over the stamina bar is nearly impossible to read being white on green.

    This version was a large improvement over the previous one. Keep working at it.


    Interesting note about the monsters… will definitely look at that! (and the other stuff of course).


    Hello! I definitely agree, that when mining rocks, finding cave entrances is way too common!

    I also agree that saplings are too rare, and way to hard to see them on trees as well.



    -One of the graphics for rock resources that are dug from the ground are difficult to see what tile they are on. It is the graphic that is in the top left corner of a tile.

    -The leather gorget graphic makes it look like it is a belt instead of the necklace it is.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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