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    New thread for a new version.

    -The glowing background on graphics for items make some of them difficult to see. A poor lock pick is nearly invisible.

    -Status is not obvious to what it does and has no tooltip. It says N/A instead of Healthy. Only a post somewhere explains what it does.

    -All items can be destroyed by fire except Wooden Chests.

    -Wooden Chests are better than walls because logs are so common, they stop monsters, and they provide storage.

    -Fire Elementals set sand on fire. Reasoning this is a possible bug is because players can not set sand on fire and Elementals previously setting water on fire was a bug.

    -Fires started by players can be put out. Fires started by Elementals can not.

    -No way to tell how healthy a fire is except by adding fuel to it.


    Some good ideas and points in here, will be sure to add them in!


    I think there may be a memory leak somewhere in the game. After playing for about three hours, and leaving the game open for another two while I went and did something else, I found that the character moved incredibly slowly when I held down a directional key, and that the game would be unresponsive between movement frames. Closing and reloading the game resulted in the character once again moving around rapidly.

    I hadn’t looked at how much memory it was using at the 5-hour mark, but upon restart, the three wayward.exe processes are at 12000K, 43000K, and 50000K, and I can leave it open again and check the memory then. I’m using the downloadable executable.

    Other issues I came across:

    The character keeps removing all of his clothes upon restart. Re-equipping him every time is a bit of a pain.
    When I dual-wielded weapons and used them to knock down a stone wall, I received two walls instead of one.
    Chests and other containers stop the “decay” timer on food items, even if they’re just bags in your inventory. While I like having instant refrigeration, this seems a little cheap in the long run, because you can just stash tons of food and never have to worry about that aspect of the game again.
    Is the Bull Boat currently not functional?

    Those aside, though, I had a lot of fun with the game, and the initial quest find shelter and supplies felt very engaging (although getting bum-rushed by monsters on the second day was… kind of harsh). The current endgame feels a little less interesting, since survival is no longer an issue for me and I’m so overstocked that I’m leaving monster corpses without even harvesting them, but I expect that’ll change as the game develops further.


    I correct my self that wooden chests can be burned, but only when placed on a pile of other items. Otherwise it sets up the wooden chest. The same is true of mushrooms. They must either be placed on something like cobblestone tiles or on top of a pile of items to burn.

    -Messages window needs a limit. When it is too long it impacts performance. It is not obvious that the clear messages button should be used to fix it.

    -The game is not regular and uniform in action or appearance. For example the skills window is not sorted in any way while the items window is. Walls have double click to place and right click to drop. Wooden chests only have right click to place, but have right click to drop if dropped on a pile. Mushrooms have double click to eat, right click to plant, but again right click to drop depending on a tile.


    I’m glad to report all of your issues are currently on the (ever growing) to-do list. A bit about the uniform comment:

    The depth and complexity of all the different object interactions is unfortunately just “how it is”. If you have any suggestions on how to structure this, let me know! Keep in mind, we are limited by left and right click here.


    I think the Backpack vs. Bag needs some tweaking.  A full backpack will save 20% of 30 lbs (6 lbs total), but costs 2 lbs for a net 4 lb gain. 2 bags require the same materials, but save you 20% of 40 lbs (8 lbs total) costing 0.6 lbs for a net gain of 7.2 lbs. I think only the furnace is more than 20 lbs – everything else can fit in a bag – so there’s no good reason to make a backpack currently.



    Good point, I will definitely be tweaking the container/bag system a bit to make it more useful and less limiting.


    Monsters are spawning in inaccessible areas surrounded by trees. Spawning appears to decrease because of these trapped monsters.


    Part of the irregularity of the game is some events or actions are being shown immediately but others are on the next turn. This is leading to reported bugs such as invisible trap door spiders blocking planting and dropping with no way to know what is the ‘something is in the way’. Another example is curing a bleeding effect is shown in the messages but not the status until the next turn.


    Tattered maps are spawning non-aggressive and neutral monsters. Rabbits, chickens, and gelatins are not a trap.


    Containers have no title to describe which type is open. All of them use the same description of Container. This leads to confusion when sorting items across two or more containers that are empty.



    You’re working me too hard here! 🙂


    “To get feedback. To get the harshest of the harsh comments, to use that and make your game better.”

    Quoted in context from


    The game js source gets downloaded as a visual jumbled mess.

    There isn’t an easy or accessible way to download the entire set of art and source. All downloads are binary only.

    The license is only in the source and binary downloads.


    The smiley face was meant to signify a “joke” 🙂

    As for the source code, it’s not exactly ready yet for modding with APIs and all that. We hope to have this in before the actual launch though. Right now, it’s kind of hard to work with as you’ve noticed. If you are really interested in helping out in this regard, let me know.


    Oh I got it. We’ve been laughing here wondering how long it would take before you said something about the stream of bug reports and problems I posted. I heard from my wife how someone must be tired of seeing this error guy and my response was always ‘hey he said he wanted “the harshest of harsh comments” don’t blame me.’


    Living stones are part of the spawning rate issue. They don’t move so they go unnoticed sometimes. In the right situation of no trees, no living stones, and others, the spawn rate is a meat grinder. If monsters are trapped in trees, lots of living stones, and other issues, the spawn seems to stop completely.

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