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    I would love to be able to carve up cotton fabric into string, or make cotton into string. Along with carving saplings off trees, to plant new forest trees and palm trees. I have various other idea too, like carving meat/leather into sinew/rawhide strings (Animal fiber for tools vs plant fiber for medical supplies) for making bows and traps.

    I would also like to see lighter-than-a-bow slings for slinging pebbles and iron shot, and a quiver slot to choose what ammo you reach for first, or at all. Along with either a key for shooting, or being able to shot by waiting while facing a target.

    Another wish, being able to craft stone doors, or plate wood doors with iron to protect them from fire. As well as splitting logs into planks, for prettier floors and to carve into poles. Another idea is being able to bait your hook, for a random chance to keep your bait, or lose your bait when you throw your line, and maybe spawn a fish.


    Thanks for the ideas! Some may even make their way in the next release 🙂


    Not entirely off topic but In 4 games I’ve seen 1 cotton plant. In my current and longest game, maybe 6 hours in, I’ve explored two large landmasses and a smaller landmass and I’ve never seen a cotton plant.


    The idea to make strings from cotton… it seems natural, but… in a game where I HAD cotton…. it was so easy to plant and gather dozens of that… the strings wouldn´t be so valuable anymore. Don´t like.

    But I do like the idea to carve saplings from trees. Would totally fit with the existing skills…
    From botany 50% and up you can carve trees for saps and have a 50% success-chance.
    We need more uses for the logs. Especially with this idea becoming reality.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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