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    Horn (new animal remains part)
    Cotton Bedroll: cotton fabric , string, requires needle
    Sand Filter: logs, gravel, sand, charcoal, fabric-like, string. (converts unpurified fresh water to purified water, doesn’t require fire or a long wait, barrel-like placeable object)
    Recurve Bow: wooden pole, string, glue, horn (see Archery thread)
    Iron Arrow: wooden pole, iron arrowhead, string (see Archery thread)
    Drinking Horn: horn, sharp-like, (drinking vessel)
    Hide Glue (poor glue): Animal Skin, sharp-like, water, campfire.
    Horn Glue (poor glue): Horn, water, campfire, mortar & pestle
    Bed: logs, fabric-like, cotton (placeable object, double clicking rests, ramming picks back up)
    Sling: Tanned Hide, string. (for sling stones)
    Clay Jug: Clay, kiln (drinking vessel)
    Brick Frame: Log, sharp like, glue
    Brick: Raw Clay, Pile of Gravel, Pile of Sand, water, Brick Frame (Can also throw a brick like a large rock)
    Brick Wall: Lots of Bricks

    It’s very hard to find any fish to use the fishing pole or net on. Can’t using either of these just provide a chance of catching some when used in a large body of water? (Unless I’ve been doing it wrong all this time)

    The game goes straight from stone to iron, should there be a chance for copper and bronze level items in-between?

    Creating Piles of compost doesn’t seem to consume the Compost group items, only the soil.


    Hey there,

    Thanks for the suggestions. A lot of these are already on the todo!

    Coming up in 1.5, fish will respawn unlike before. This should help your fishing issues.

    Copper items are planned.

    Thanks for the bug report!


    After dropping lots and lots of rotten meat into the water and stirring up creatures from the depths, still no Kraken has appeared. Maybe some sort of super difficult super rare water monster could be added. One that only could appear in very deep water and not along shores. Also it would have to have a very very low spawn rate to make it that much more impressive when it does appear.


    I used my nets and fishingpoles solely to get more strings xD!!

    Because of my lack in cotton… I need thousands ^^

    “Hide Glue (poor glue): Animal Skin, sharp-like, water, campfire.”

    Love that idea…. can´t do much with the leather after having a metalarmor and dozens of waterskins.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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