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    So I have only been playing for a couple of hours, but I am enjoying the hell out of this. It’s just simply fantastic. Takes a lot of the elements I love from several different genres and mashes them all together so that not only do they all work, but the sum is greater than the (already pretty awesome) parts. So yeah, I am loving this.


    However, I had a question. I have been playing for about an hour or so now on this life. I have a complete set of leather armor, I have received two golden swords as drops from the fire elementals, life is good, etc. But the thing is, now, the island I started on (where I still have my “home base”) is SWARMING with hostile mobs. I went out during the night. Killed 4 bog creatures, 3 fire elementals, 3 or 4 regular (black) spiders, a bear, a wolf, a snake or two, 4 giant rats, 3 regular rats, 4 slimes, 3 enraged slimes, 3 imps, 2 zombies and about 6 trapdoor (brown) spiders. There are also about 3 bunnies and 3 chickens, running around. It took me from dusk till mid day to kill everything, I went thru one of my two golden swords and about 5 spears. And the kicker is…THERE ARE STILL MORE HOSTILE MOBS!!! lol

    My starting island isn’t that big. It’s bigger than the starting island I had on my first time, but smaller than the other two I had before this play thru. But between having to constantly return to my actual base to put stuff into chests before going back and murdering the heck out of my evil thingies, I imagine that I’ll be fighting monsters till at least sundown, and possibly beyond. My island has more or less turned into “Things-That-Want-To-Kill-Me-Central.”

    Are monsters supposed to spawn this much (both in terms of volume and respawn time, because every time I come back to the bottom of the island, where the monster zoo is, there are more, new additions)?


    It’s really not hindering my enjoyment of the game at the moment, but it is making it very hard to explore much! lol


    Anyway, thanks again for making such an awesome game (for free). I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!


    P.S. How the heck do I shoot the arrows out of the bow? If I left click an arrow when it’s in my bag with a bow equipped, it just throws it…what the heck am I doing wrong? lol


    The bow flummoxed me at first also, here is how it works. If you have the bow equipped and arrows in inventory  it will “autoshoot” as soon as you push a movement key in any direction that has a valid target in range.  Just face the target and then use WASD keys to shoot, if there is no valid target in that direction, nothing happens except you move as normal.

    May not be the best system as it is NOT very intuitive,  I think I was expecting to doubleclick the bow or something, but with a little practice it works “ok”.

    Also I did not realize for the longest time, that we could move campfires around by digging them up — this was very helpful once I read someone else referring to it 🙂 A lit campfire sometimes makes a nice temporary door to keep mobs out of an area while also providing some light.  So maybe a “Tips and Tricks” thread (or maybe the wiki’s “Getting Started: Tips” section is best for this)

    I haven’t yet had the huge mob swarm issue much, not sure why unless it is just because I tend to start on fairly big islands so maybe they are just spreading out more, but I have certainly heard other people mention this also so you are not alone. I think one suggestion he is considering, is to have mobs sometimes attack each other which would get their numbers down somewhat.


    My guess is that monster spawning are based on time, normally when I stay a long time safe behind wall eventually the amount of monters become pretty big and its might be worse on small island because there is less space where the monster can spawn and there is less space for them to wander around.


    I wasn’t hiding or anything. And I hadn’t been on the map for too long. A decent time, but not forever. And finally, after exploring more and discovering more islands outside of the one I started on that play-thru, I would say that the original island I started on was TINY. So I am guessing that probably had something to do with it. But yeah, It was crazy. I was used to fighting pretty frequently the whole time I was playing, but it just got quite insane there for a bit. After I finially cleared out the baddies, while looking around, I found that there was just as many “peaceful” mobs (rabbits and chickens). There were probably about 10 or 12 total between the two of them. I finished cleaning it all up before nightfall again (just barely) and I haven’t had that serious of a monster infestation since, but I did high tail it to a different island. So we’ll see what it’s like when I go back to the original one. lol


    Also, thanks super much for the bow tutorial. I always kinda thought maybe that’s how it was done, but I didn’t want to test it out and then be 1 square closer to a scary monster! lol


    Definitely part of  larger problems:

    There’s no de-spawning. Something that definitely needs to be in the game on longer play throughs. Things that you haven’t seen or interacted with should have a de-spawn chance.

    There’s no in-fighting/killing. Bears should eat rabbits. Imps should kill wolfs, etc.

    There’s no trapping in the game yet. Setting traps around your base while you are out will help protect your base-area.


    I honestly think a large part of the problem was the fact that the island I was on was super tiny. But the strangest part was this wasn’t a build up over several days. It happened in less than 24 in game hours.

    Basically, my base was above the cave on the island, which was in the middle of the island. The ocean was about equal-distant on the north and south side of the cave. I was about halfway to the ocean on the northside, the mob of monsters was between the ocean and halfway to the cave on the south side.

    Day before monster rush, I was hacking trees apart with my bare hands (cause I needed bark and sticks, not logs) down by the ocean at the south end (cause I use the trees at the north end as a maze to hide my base. night fell, I went back towards my base and cut down some excess trees there till it was day. I then went to the cave, and went back and forth a couple of times between my base and the cave during the day (to empty my inventory).

    Then night started to fall on one of my trips back to my base, and I noticed a rabbit. So I went after it (south from the cave) and BAM, monster central! They were EVERYWHERE! just swarming the beaches…it was so hectic that many of the hostile monsters weren’t able to beeline for me, because of all the stuff in the way (which is probably the only reason I survived, lol).

    But yeah, It was about 24 in game hours between normal amount of monsters and -BAM- TONS of monsters.

    I will admit, when it was all cleaned up, I felt pretty BA. It was a lot of fun! hehe

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