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    “On Being a Coward” The Ultimate Guide to Living Forever (on a fictional desert island) ((Incomplete)).

    Corrections and additions to the following welcomed.


    Light Sources:
    * No light source lasts forever. Not even torches on a torch stand.

    * Some monsters can walk through walls (Pirate Ghost, …?)
    * Some monsters can fly over walls (Vampire Bat, …?)
    * Some monsters are invisible until they attack you (Trapdoor spider, …?)
    * Do they regen hit points?

    * How close / far from the player do monsters spawn?

    The mini-map is 37 pixels across. It seems that either (a) Giant Spider spawns during day or (b) Monsters can spawn further than 18 tiles away from player.

    * Is monster spawning affected by light levels (e.g. torches)?
    * Do any monsters other than sharks spawn in deep water?
    * Do any monsters spawn during the day?

    Preliminary idea:
    Establish a small island far enough from land for no land monsters to spawn. Plant trees and stuff.


    Doors are magic.


    Put a door N, E, S, and W of you. Sleep. Vampire Bats (and Imps?) can’t fly over doors. For some reason.

    Don’t bother with a solar still. It will always be night when you run out of water.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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