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    Downloaded the game, and played it for a few hours… (long enough to work myself up through pure iron weapons, and bull boat my way over with 7 treasures…. “winning” the game).

    Was a fun diversion for a bit.   Things I didn’t like from earlier versions of the game..

    Backpacks: No longer wearable.  Was very NON-intuitive to use.  I Liked the basic “adds 30lbs” thing.

    Things placed in bags were no longer auto-considered for your “usable recipe” thing. (Tried to put all my tanning/hide stuff if a bag… but if all your tannin is in a bag, you can’t make leather.  If all your leather is in a bag, it never tells you that you can now make new armor… etc…)

    No place to put a torch?  I had to decide if I wanted to use a weapon, or my torch.  Seems silly. (EDIT: On second thought, I should have put down my shield.  /sigh)    Still should be a way to destroy items (aka, rotted meat)

    Should be able to repair items without dropping them.

    Hmm… thats all for now.   Liked the game though.  Can’t wait to see how it develops.


    Good points, I will try to resolve the usability issues as well as reduce the limitations of the new systems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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