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    To start off, I love this game and it has so much potential. I always love when a roguelike game comes along and keeps me entertained for hours on end. I just thought that since its a beta, I would give my thoughts and ideas so far. Not for criticism, but for giving my support and suggest things. Here is my list so far:


    Stacking of items is a must. Without it the inventory gets extremely cluttered, even with sorting.

    In order to repair, as far as I know, one has to throw an item on the ground and then repair. That is somewhat inconvenient, so maybe if there was an option to click the repair item (like a hammer) and then be able to click the item in your inventory to repair it

    Separate tools from supplies in inventory

    Less hunger loss from sleeping. Sleeping currently takes a lot of your hunger meter

    Easier way to equip items. Even when I try to drag and drop items to the equipment slots a lot of the time it fails and doesn’t equip

    Be able to easily destroy items so they aren’t re-picked up constantly

    Auto-Gather off should let a user click on a tree/rock/item to gather it. Its annoying when its on to run into things and gather them identically and with it off its inconvenient to gather by clicking on the item.

    Have 1->9 buttons have a dedicated toolbar because items get reset when resorting.

    The items should auto sort when picked up if your inventory is sorted.

    Have a map that fills in/gets drawn when it is explored

    Able to mark/draw locations on a map to mark important locations

    Able to individually grab items from a box/crate

    Spiders can be in the water?? lol

    Option to enable a health bar over your head

    Monster health bar or at least a description on how strong/big/scary a creature is

    Get info on item(s) when hovering over them with your mouse when they are on the ground

    Warning if something is going to break or expire. Like a message and/or different picture or coloring of the item square

    Items that break can be repaired, but the repair has to use resources that the item is made out of
    Be able to rub animal blood on your body that will either attract certain creature or hide your scent from others

    Change decay to general description such as fresh, stale, old, expired, etc… Or if the image/color changed  to show the condition

    General description of items to give a hint toward what recipe it can be apart of, but not give it away

    Rabbits look like white spiders

    Able to zoom in and out

    Islands seem a little small, even though you can go to other ones

    What I love

    That it is turned base, can go at my own pace and not be concerned that I will starve if I go afk or am thinking.

    Love all the crafting recipes there are already.

    Hunger and stamina gives the game another dimension to make it more interesting

    A new well put together Roguelike game which i find rare these days

    Food can be good or bad

    Browser/HTML5 game

    This game is awesome and I just hope I can help and give this game ideas so that it can reach its max potential and be a success.


    Link to Reddit thread


    Hey there,

    Just letting you know, I’m definitely not ignoring this, I just replied to the reddit thread instead, haha.

    As with any of these “giant” lists, I try to piece things out and improve them as needed for each release – thanks for submitting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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