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    I’m make a mod but have 1-2 errors,


    this is .json code

    and download link

    Sorry My English is bad :-/

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    Grom PE

    Some item names are incorrect, that’s why you’re getting errors.


    yep, idk some item names; wooden door,wooden wall, wooden chest etc. where can i find correct names?


    In your browser console, you can type in console.log(items); to get a proper listing.


    Is there a way to do the same thing to get a list of the all the current monsters with proper names?


    Not sure what you mean by proper names, but you could do:
    for (var i in npcs) { console.log(npcs[i].name); }

    Otherwise, just:

    Should suffice.


    Hey what’s spawn monster command?

    or pls how to find commands?
    $("#optionswindow").on("click", '#carving', function(e) {itemGet("shale");});


    There’s no proper API or modding documentation as of yet, so it’s just mostly looking through the source to find em’ πŸ™‚

    Spawn monster can be used like:

    spawnMonster("", player.x+1, player.y);
    spawnMonster("giantrat", player.x+1, player.y);
    spawnMonster("pirateghost", player.x+1, player.y, true);

    The last parameter “true” forces the spawn, even if the monster shouldn’t normally be spawned in that location.


    The renderTiles function no longer seems to work, is there a new method of tile manipulation that was implented? If so, could you give me an example of how to render a specific tile now?


    It’s now:

    changeTile(change, changeX, changeY, stackBypass);

    change: tile’s name, example “dirt”.
    changeX: tile’s x value, example 244.
    changeY: tile’s y value, example 244.
    stackBypass: either true or false (or nothing), if true, it will place the tile on top of the stack of tiles at that x/y.

    You may also want to call game.updateTiles = true; so the change is shown immediately.


    Would modifying the space 1 square above your current still be done as changeTile(dirt,x,y+1);?
    I only ask because 244 seemed like a rather large number to use.


    Using it like player.x, player.y+1 for example would still work just fine with it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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