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    I have a folder of videogame soundtracks that I often play in the background while gaming or just relaxing. Some of my favorites are from Planescape, Vanguard, NWN, Witcher I & II, Gothic I & II, Skyrim palette scores.  I was just wondering if anyone else does this, and what is your own favorite background while gaming ^_^


    Also I was poking around to see where SoundSense for DwarfFortress got some of their tunes (a few are very nice) and that lead me to a treasure trove of royalty free Creative Commons music that make great background “atmospheric” music. Some of my own favorites (many of which go great with Wayward!):


    Not As It Seems

    Atlantean Twilight


    Rains Will Fall

    The Snow Queen

    On The Shore

    Oppressive Gloom



    The Pyre


    One of my all time favourites:



    Oh yeah ^_^ My original experience with “RPG” games was all stuff like Lufia, Ys, Mana, DragonWarriors etc, in the late80s/early90s starting on the original NES. I remember crying so hard over Palom and Porom (hard to explain today the emotion some of those games used to evoke even with 8-bit music and graphics). I don’t think any modern 3D games have ever provoked that kind of emotional response for me.

    I have a folder full of FF OST music too — at least for the early games (think I discovered PC online games on 1999 and that was the end of console gaming for me…)






    Are they original soundtrack from HD copy? Coz, some lists are not so good in quality when tried in, they are just ripped from the videos. I also like Final Fantasy soundtrack as well as the Warcraft, to me the are great physics games music.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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