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    This is a thread/blog of my accounts while playing Wayward. To ideas of improvements to things that I think should be added to the game. The experience I had as a first time player. To getting past the basics. I hope for it to bring some insight and to maybe have some effect on some of the

    Some warning, this thread isn’t based on one topic. So it might be a quite a bit bigger then most threads. All the content on this thread is rated to me and the experience I had while playing. If you wish, you can always jump to other topics of interest. I might, possibly, add updates to it over time. I wish to just give something back by giving to the community of my aspects of the game in its current state, Version 1.5+.

    Table of Contents: Follow forum rules




    When i first got wind of Wayward. I didn’t give it any real thought. I grew up with computers from the late 90’s. Playing classical games like. Heroes of might and magic, Lords of the realm and the early Sid Meier’s games. To many others. So graphics were never a problem for me. Its the game play that counts. But I felt it was to under developed for it to be worth trying. Oh was I wrong. I’m no game reviewer, just another player. So I ended up giving it a shot. This was before I read anything about the game. As a first time player. I was put in a world with many dangers with out realizing it. Like a lot of us. I think most would agree, I died. Oh.. and did i die a lot. But after a few hrs of trial and error. I started to really fall in love with the game. No one likes dying over and over. To just start all over again. But the aspects of your recipes carrying over. Had a really enjoying affect about it. Knowing that, Oh! I died again. But that I would try to get further this time and had learned some new recipes along the way. To advance me the next time around. With each death. You come closer to over coming your failures and the knowledge that comes to making mistakes.


    By the time I had a stronger grip on the game. With the realizing aspect. That it’s going to take a lot more then walking about and picking berry’s to live off the land. It started to hit me, this is survival at it’s best. Unlike a lot of other survival games. And no, not just Minecraft. True survival and a balanced thyme. To where it’s not impossible, but difficult enough. To where you had to really learn from your mistakes and the environment. Like true survival. The creatures of the world aren’t to be taken lightly. Unless your prepared. This is where true necessities come first in to play. Basic needs must come first, location matters, safety, food, water, shelter. Non of these is as easy as it sounds. Good enough to be well off at least. You’ll need to spend a good time securing your basic needs. And fighting off death at the same time. At start, your lucky enough to get your hands on some random necessities to give you a good start in the new world. Like a little water, maybe a fishing pole. Herb or two or some other random items. What you do with it is all up to you. My final judgment at this stage. The game had a lot more to offer then I first realized. To where I felt it was an enjoyable survival experience. No where near easy but not impossible. Just securing one of your needs isn’t enough. And it’s not as easy as stocking up for the winter and your good to go. There’s enough room for it to be fairly open ended and a lot of dangers if your not careful enough. Like many games in development. There’s still work to be done, and a lot of things planed for the future. I didn’t notice any noticeable bugs while playing. So I had a pretty enjoyably experience for the most part.

    (Spoilers if your a newbie, beware)

    I can’t fit everything in to one thread, or can I. But no I can’t or I’d Bore people to death. But I’m writing what really comes to mind that has had a lasting effect on me while playing. To the point.

    I’m sure some people might say other wise. But what I have to say here, is only based off me. And how I felt about the game as it is currently, Version 1.5+. When I first caught on to Wayward. I enjoyed it from the start. I’m sure there’s tons more to come in the future aswel. When ever I got past my first two days. Is when the game started to really do a hurten on me. From what I noticed. Imps and the Fire Elementals. Were doing a number on me. Once and basically every time I hit the 3rd day. Or the day before. I had these two major problems on my hands, besides all the other countless deadly monsters. Now these wouldn’t be a problem if I was more papered for them. This in it’s self was quite difficult task and a real challenge. Being so, that by the time I reach day two or 3. I started making a living for my self. Having water issues “Depending on World Spawn” and a good source of resources. You either have to just do the right amount of everything to have all your bases covered. Or focus on a few things. Which in it’s self, is ideal. As you don’t want to make anything to easy. But with every passing day. In my hidey hole or inclosing my self near a mountain. Which has always been an ideal place to be. Like near the sea, with water and a forest and the mountain be hide your back. Picking plants along the way to find the perfect place. Location really matters. Because no matter where you go. You’ll always have tough monsters spawning in, by day two or 3. So you might aswel have the best chance at survival. I’ve given the thought on living on some island and to leave to the main land for any needs. But it makes things that much harder.

    Now I know about some of the tactics you can use on these monsters. To where monsters spawn based on your talent points. But I can’t help it if I have 60,000 talent points by day 5. And many of the monsters take a whole lot less talent then that to start spawning. Which leads to my early problems. I haven’t done or bothered to see how talent is affected. But my guess is. It’s related to almost any actions you make based on skills. I’ve tried to do research on talents but could not find any threads/wiki relating to it. I might need to look harder. To the point. I felt monsters were spawning in to often because I was still to weak to take them on. Unless I mass farmed cotton for bandages. So I end up having to spend a lot of time running away from them to hiding. And with every passing day. More seemed to spawn in. And getting iron is a lot of work and luck. So with the danger of monsters and your basic needs. To spending a lot of time hiding and not getting what you need to do to prepare your self. If I focus on iron from the start. It’d leave gaps open for future problems. But if I don’t. I’d have plenty of time to get a shelter going. But normally by this time. I have the monster issue. If the talent requirement was hired a bit more or more time for development to balance the game a bit more. I think it would solve this issue. I can’t say its a huge problem. But it does have a big effect on game play. The game is still very enjoyable. I just want to feel a bit more of a random effect or for the tougher monsters to have a lesser chance of spawning in.


    This topic relates to ideas for the game. Based on my game play experience. The topics talk about each subject in detail. I could in the future add simple lists of what we’d like to see to each topic. Depending if people care enough. To point them out pretty clearly. Also, because their is no way of telling if any of these ideas would be added to development and how the developer would go about it. This is about making clear points on these topics and insight of them. I could add things of what they could be made with. But in the end the developer has the finial say. And would made the right choice in the end to balance game play the way he see fits. This topic is to brain storm and to bring to ideas the table. Which many have already but from other points of views, thank you for your time.

    Ok, so this is a big topic. I think a lot of us would have a lot to say. But the developer can only do so much. So what really matters and counts? I’m sure some of my thoughts might be on the to do list anyway. But to make a point. I’d just go with saying them anyway. The problem is. How long is this to do list? We could brain storm all day long of what we’d like to see. But every thing takes time. Ok, on to the point.

    Filter Crating Bar:

    With 1.5, came this new search tool. At least from what I read from the patch notes. Currently I felt it was a little to cluttered, the recipe tab that is. And hard to make out which recipes you couldn’t make. A lot of the recipes are made out of wood and stone. And are hard to make out in the black background. I’d say change the background. But then the color might be to bright. And the items you can make are already highlighted. I would think to brighten the color a bit more or to simple just unblacken them all together. And to make it clear which you can and can’t make. Which is a no brainier if your clicking on it anyway and you don’t have the resources so you wont craft it anyway. Relating to this. Adding in a category system. So it’s easy to make out whats what. Like Weapons, Crafting Material, Armors, Floria, Wood, Miscellaneous. To even the fact of being able to category them your self. So that it meets any ones needs.


    I thought, if you have mushrooms. Why not make poison with them? The fact that you’ll be able to poison, arrows, spears, swords. To add extra damage effects to monsters. Clearly with limit amounts of use or permanent uses and only working on some monsters.
    (Items: Mushrooms, Miscellaneous Plants, Mortar&Pestle, Water.)

    Skill, Taming:

    Think of a world. Where, like in real life. You’ll be able to tame animals. Or at least use them for livestock. I could make a list of animals. But I think we’d all have a lot of things in mind. Just building a system in. Where you’ll be able to tame another animal. Depending which type it is of course. Or just to be able to cattle animals from point A to B. Clearly, breeding can also take affect. But It’ll have its own draw backs. With feeding animals to making sure they get enough water, to keep them alive. Like cows, their great for milk and meat and hide. Milking them will only work when they give birth and only last so many days after. Male meets female. Happy ending.


    Clearly, we’d all like to see more ores. Now I read another post about adding copper and bronze. Off another idea list. Clearly you need copper to melt it in to bronze. But you also need tin to get the final product. I can’t say the developer wants to flood the game with to many ores. So making things simple is best. For the games sake. But it would totally add to the survival aspect. Which I’d say, Add It All! Because, Iron at this point is like end game tools/armor. If we’re going to be able to get early ores. Lets not make it as easy as 1 2 3. Needing the correct ores are key to being able to open more doors for your self. It shows in it’s self with wrought iron then iron. Next well be able to make steel. I hope to also see, rare spawns of gems deep in mountains to be able to craft gems for neck or hands. Maybe they’ll add rings later for entrenchment items. Using those gems! Who doesn’t like special stats. To end this, there’s countless other ores I’d like to see but there’s no need to read them off.


    This my friends is a no brainier again. I think every one would like to see this. But theirs some big draw backs about this topic. Picking berries is dandy and all. But if we’re able to just farm for food in our back yard. We’d never need to leave the safety of our bunkers. The game is about the survival aspect. Not making a city. Which I’d love to do. But at this stage its to hard lol. If agriculture was to be added. It should be more focused end game wise. Like needing a till/hoe. Stone is pretty easy to get. So if it was to be added. Making it a bit harder then picking berries would be a good idea. Like needing to plant them near water, Not.. Sea water.. And sunlight. Climate/water can also have an effect. Having bad crops will always be a risk. You’ll always have the option to water them your self. Right click would show the status of the plant.

    Floria is also in this topic. I think we’d like to see more plant types. Again, maybe adding in a climate system for some plants. We don’t want to make things to difficult. But at least adding in newer plant types with only being able to grow them in certain climates. On the topic of climates. As much as it adds to the realism. Making it to were it effects you in general. Would be a pain in the end and add more worries I’d like to worry about. That’s the way I see it anyway.

    The World:

    Larger World, just wanted to state that real quick. Something I’d like to see.

    Again…. Another topic I think we can relate to. I’m just trying to get them out of the way. But they have real meaning to them. I’m not just spouting junk out. From what I noticed. The most noticeable and as far as I can tell bioms, are. Forests, Deserts, Beaches, Mountains, Oceans, Mini Islands, with other little aspects like, Swamps and Water pools. Now I can’t say there’s jungles but that’s a clear one. Or is the forests jungles? They don’t look like jungles. Anyway, moving on. Volcano’s/Lava, how can you have a game based on being suck in the middle of these islands and not have volcanoes. Adding a random script effect to this biom would be cool to. Like if it was to erupt, it could. This biom would be able to maybe add in more rare ores/block types but death just that much closer if you get caught in it’s dangers. Boom! and the forests around start to turn a blaze. The earth shakes and the seas roar. And all sorts of crazy things will happen. Like very bad monsters would spew from its bowels. The bad lands. A stretch of biom which is filled with many dangers and an unlivable environment for a stable survival. I’m sure there’s a lot that could be done with that. I’m not adding Snowy biom because well, this is the tropics from the looks of it. Rivers! Yes, another one from the other list. But, well, I was thinking the same thing to. Maybe lakes? the ones we got now, feel like puddles of water you just walk over. Like swamps in forests. Which they probably are lol. Adding water falls from mountains maybe?

    Boss’s The Titans:

    I know your all going, who the hell wouldn’t want bosses. And epic ones at that. You don’t want some chump goblin king. Or do you. Now, I’m sure we could brain storm all day long of what we’d like to see. But I’m strong about the idea of Titans. I think it’d work well in this thyme. From flying titans to sea titans to land titans and even to titans chained up in a volcano. As I added in my last topic. Their could always be lesser bosses. Like the pirate captain, medusa, ancient lizard men, and many others”Stole lizard men idea from risen”. On the topic. It would be nice to add more humanoids added to the game… But Lastly, Titans! Point made clear.

    More Random Structures:

    Ok, so we want to lively the world up? Maybe or just some of us? Now the game puts you in the middle of nowhere for a reason. It’s to give you a real fill that your truly alone and your not sure what to expect in an alien place. Maybe it doesn’t matter and we’ll see more things like random run down houses in the future but… just… something else besides that. So why not rundown ashore boats? With it’s own unique set of items you could get from it. It would have to be more rare of course. It’s not every day you see something like that. Maybe a corps along it aswel. If maps become larger and theirs more room then normal. Maybe adding abandon villages/lost cites/ports/trading out posts. Seeing lively ones to would be cool. Like a place of safety from all the crazy stuff. They would normally be on the coast because of all the things inland. This would relate to my next topic. NPC’s any one?

    Monster Spawning

    The deeper you go in to the forests of the world. Have a higher chance of higher tier monsters. Same thing with spawn locations with some monsters. Just more focused on how far you are inland. Not to the point wheres its as easy as. Hoping from one island to the next. But less risk is involved if your not in the meat of the jungle. To the point where. The more inland I am, the more risky it is for me for survival. But in doing this. You would add more useful resources more centered of the island. Or a more likely chance. So if you’d bunker down deeper inland. You’ll see more monsters more often while your there. Something like this might take a lot of work but. Again, these are just ideas.


    @mrbadboy Thanks for the words and suggestions!

    Balance is a hard part with a game this open, and this random. This will be further refined with each update. The algorithms will become more complex and more context-sensitive. The other challenge with that is, we also have to account for when mechanics change as well. What happens to that pre-defined balance when the change goes in for creatures to be able to path-find (find a route around obstacles)? Eventually, the balance will be there, but only in time.

    The todo list is pretty big currently. There is about 6+ versions worth of changes to be done if we just go with what is on there now, but it constantly grows, haha.

    The following is on the todo:

    Tabbed/categorized crafts.
    Player-based poisoning.
    More ores.
    Agriculture is very half-implemented currently. There’s plans to simulate gardening more accurately, but also to balance it.
    The world has a lot of work to be done to it before I’m happy. There’s some ideas about it here:
    Aberrants were added in 1.5, you can think of those are the mini-bosses for now 🙂
    More structures, more templates and dungeons are planned.
    Tile/environment-specific spawning.

    So it looks like all your points are being worked on 🙂

    As you mentioned, the sky is the limit with a game like this, and I am interested in this aspect the most. Unfortunately Wayward is a very part-time thing at the moment, but who knows what the future holds 🙂


    Yeah, I had a good feeling. A lot of what I pointing out. Was and going to be planed already. As expected with many games still in development. I just wished to bring more insight to them. As any one would to share their thoughts about the game, in its current state.

    I’m happy to see that a lot of what I’d like to see and many others. Will and is going to be implemented in the future patches.

    Relating to the world topic, with the link you linked. I can see their has been a lot of thoughts, on this for some time. I can’t say I’m in complete agreement with most of the ideas. But the idea, that you kind of are lost in these tropics. With having at least one big main land. With many other random size islands. Seems like the most ideal way to go about it. Having just one huge landmass, well, just isn’t as fun. Who wouldn’t want to explore in to the deep oceans. That random effect, that. You can sail to other islands and maybe find some more unique lands. I think because of the lack of enough content. Is making it tougher for world generation. I’m sure with time and more environment implements. With more work to be done on world generation. It will be flushed out over time.

    I just hope it isn’t going to end up with only one huge landmass. With only a few smaller islands. The game really needs that randomness still. So that each spawn is still very unique in its own way. With a large enough world to explore. To where you really feel like theirs a lot more out there then meets the eye. So keeping the idea. Still having tons and tons of more islands to explore. But at least having a few very large landmasses on each map. Like with any groups of islands in many parts in the real world.

    Because their is still much to be done. I hope to maybe bring better and newer ideas to the table. In the future.


    Well, nothing is set in stone. Everything is flexible, and even more so so modding and the like. I’m not making the game for myself, I’m making it for the players! So the players have will have the final decision with what goes or what stays.

    My main idea with a larger area (or world) is that that every world will have ALL of the resources you need. The biggest complaint right now is sometimes a world can just be sandstone, or not have any, sometimes no snow, sometimes too much, sometimes no swamps or caves, sometimes too much, etc. Having a larger area will help me to make sure there is guaranteed “zones” or “biomes” available in each playthrough. That doesn’t mean you will have everything in walking distance, it just means you aren’t completely screwed if you need something that isn’t even in your world. The terminology and semantics are probably failing me here, but I don’t intend to make a giant landmass, I intend to make a larger world, with certain biomes dedicated to certain types of terrain. Smaller islands and areas will always be present, they are a defining feature of the survival.


    Yeah, a lot of what your saying makes sense. For your intentions.

    I’ve noticed some landmasses. Big enough to fit the picture of a large landmasses already. I guess when using the term. Larger landmasses/one large landmass at least. Its the expectations of feeling your not on an island and something more of a continent compared to the other islands. The islands are snaky for the most part in some cases. In others, theirs a lot of smaller islands. But you normally always have a few larger islands. Its really all on spawn. And in those few cases once in a while. You’ll get those all sandstone maps. Which is just the roll of the dice as it stands.

    I’m not sure if you’ve ever played terra firma craft. The heavily modded mod for minecraft. Which try’s to make minecraft as true to survival and crafting, to a notch. I’m not trying to get off topic =). But, one of their future plans. Is to create a world generation to focus on the part. You wouldn’t be able to get all you need. To advance in certain areas in till you explored the other islands. As each island will have it’s own unique set of resources types. Forcing players to have to leave and to explore other continents to get their hands on other types of ores and blocks. With each landmass being around 2000-3000 block round. So lets say. The continent you spawn on, had everything but nickel for bluesteel. You’d be force to go to another continent to get it. Because nickel only spawns in certain types of rocks. Which aren’t on your landmass. Now I’m not saying I know how the system works. I was just using that as an example. From one of their future plans for world generation.

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