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    Hey! I think your game is great so far.

    However, moving around (whether using WASD, arrows, or mouse) is too fast – I’m guessing it’s not supposed to work this way. If I want to take only one step, I have to tap the key as briefly as humanly possible, and half the time I either don’t move, or take two steps.

    This happens whether I use Waterfox or Firefox, version 18.0.1, on Windows 7. Fortunately this problem’s not happening with Chrome.


    Edit: Now playing on Chrome, I ran into another bug. I double-checked and it’s not happening at all in Firefox:

    If my browser’s Zoom setting is something other than 100%, a couple things happen. First, the icons for items & crafting often become difficult to click – when I move the mouse over them, they alternate between showing the tooltip and not showing it, and clicking only functions when the tooltip is visible. Different zoom levels cause this problem more often – zoom 90% caused it constantly.

    Secondly, the on-screen arrows around the character that you click to move stopped working – instead, I have to click where the arrows would be if my zoom were still at 100%.

    Hope this helps!


    I’m also getting “Report this error” when I try to repair shale with a grindstone.


    Ran into something else – If my inventory can scroll up or down, then if I drag & drop an item above or below outside the inventory window, the item will go into the inventory, even if I’m dragging onto a character equip slot.


    This is definitely a noted feature improvement. Unfortunately with the zoom issue, there’s not much I can do about that.

    The rest of the issues are fixed in 1.1.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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