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    Beta 1.2, both in IE 10 and the downloadable Windows version. It does not have this problem in Opera, but that seems to be because Opera does not run it well and has speed amongst other problems.

    Moving only one tile with WASD or the arrow keys is difficult. Pressing a direction quickly often results in two steps taken.

    Suggestion: The first action when pressing a button has a short delay before it performs more. If the player keeps the button held down then rapid movement ensues.


    i disagree, its fine how it is. jsut quickly press and release to move one space. perhaps an option to delay rapid movement could be added in the options, but dont take away the option to have it how it is now.


    This is about how fast it run in Opera for me. In IE or the downloadable version it runs far faster and is practically unplayable.

    I said Opera had some more problems, but other than needing to manually save I’m no longer sure. Maybe I just didn’t play the downloadable one enough to run into errors. Had a corrupted save in the Opera one so I could not directly compare them when I made my initial post, but managed to fix that.

    After analyzing their speed more carefully, I’m not longer confidant the speed difference is all that great. Neither vary enough from the video that it is easy to tell exactly which is closer. The speed of Opera vs non Opera feels very different to me, with the latter hard to control. But trying to eye it or measure tiles walked per second it doesn’t look a whole lot different.

    I’m sorry for the conflicting report.


    It’s something on the todo for sure. There’s not really any way to get it fully consistent across all browsers, all operating systems and all hardware; however, one trick that will work across the board will be some delay after the first steps as you said. The progress of movement speed will be like this:

    3 steps walking speed – 6 steps sprinting speed – 9+ steps running speed (how fast it is now at all times).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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