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    Currently there is nothing in app store that can combine
    – procedurally generated world
    – ‘player’ leveling instead of ‘character’ leveling
    – crafting system
    – survival theme
    – turn based

    And Wayward is brilliant in gameplay aspect.
    What if I can help to build iOS port with custom interface and control (adopted to iPhones or iPads) but with same game mechanic?

    I am iOS developer, so can help with it.


    There’s a few that I can think of that almost fit the bill, but I believe you are correct.

    We do have plans to develop stand-alone applications across all platforms (iOS/Android/etc.). We don’t have any plans for segmenting or breaking up the code base for distinct versions however. Each will function and play the exact same (minus UI tweaks), load the same mods, use the same save data, etc.

    For the upcoming beta 2.0 release, the entire game is essentially being rebuilt. Our focus at this moment though is the Steam platform.


    I understand all problems with fragmentation, so i want to wrap original JS code with some iOS hooks. Technically it is possible to keep game as HTML5 at it’s core but native for iOS platform. Is code available anywhere on git or JS online code is all what available for this purpose?


    Cool! You’ve kind of caught us in the midst of a big overhaul. As this is shifting to a commercial project, our development is under a private repo. I’ll make sure to contact you once we have something a bit more flushed out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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