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    First of all, I’m very happy to finally be able to play the beta, I love the game and I play with the client I downloaded.

    Here my questions:

    -Is it intended that we keep all of ours skills even if we die(I have a problem with this since your talent reset to 0 even if you have a lot of skills trained). If its intended, how can I delete the skill progress, the delete stored data doesn’t help.

    -Is it normal that the inventory scrollbars does not move when I’m trying to move my items around in my inventory

    -If I want to make a backup of my world, is it enough to copy the files in wayward\Local Storage.

    bug or no bug:

    -While I was exploring a cave, I found a cave doors that didn’t do anything, I could go on it, but nothing happened.

    What I’m going to explain looked like bugs, but they happened after I did something to some files, so it might be my fault but I will explain what I did, then tell the problem that happened, than you decide if those problem might have happened because of what I did.

    Here what I did: I started playing, I survived for quite a bit, then I wanted to see if you really kept your skills when you died(it was after I saw christonian video of the beta, but I did not want to give up my world so I looked around in my folder and found “wayward\Local Storage” I decide to copy the content somewhere deleted it then resume playing on a new world I killed myself after some moving around and fighting, then played again and kill myself, I saw that I did keep my skill progress, than I put what I had  copied back in “wayward\Local Storage”. After that I resumed playing with my good world, I played for quite a while then I realized a few thing:

    -I was no longer getting upgrade to health,stamina or weight, but I did hear the sound of stat level up quite a few time but no stat and no message in the message box, the only stats that continued to go up was hunger and I was getting the message for it.

    – what I said about the cave entrance that didn’t do anything was also after I copied the file, but I thought it might not be related

    A few ideas for wayward:

    – I often put thing on the ground around where I want to stay to keep my weight low and sometime I put the wrong thing on my piles of items then I have pick up most of what on the ground to be able to remove the wrong thing that I put in, it would be better to pick up the last thing that you placed on the ground.

    – I don’t know if you want many people playing the games, but if you want to get your game known, it might be a good idea to try to ask paulsoaresjr on youtube to make an indie test drive of wayward because he great and also because he really like survival game and he did a few indie test drive of game in the past, you never know, he might want to make one for wayward


    Thanks for playing!

    • The skills thing is actually a bug. Use it while you can! Haha.
    • It is normal that the scrollsbars don’t move, but it’s kind of buggy. I hope to improve this.
    • I think to save it all, you should just go ahead and copy the whole wayward folder.
    • Cave exit/entrance can be bugged – Looking into.
    • Good idea about the pick-ups.

    The game is still pretty early, so I don’t try to market too hard yet 🙂


    Thank you for your answer,

    I will try to not use the skills bugs since I don’t like it because if you die your talent numbers and basic stats reset but your skills, if they are already high make it harder to get stats up unless “stats up” simply have a random chance to happenning.

    I understands that you don’t want to market your game too much since its in beta which is why I asked, but when you think your games is ready enough then it might be a good idea to ask paulsoaresjr to make a test drive of it since he really like survival game and the rogue-like aspect might be even better for him.

    A small question: is it much harder to get health and weight upgrade by training skill or is it that some skill no longer help those stats?

    p.s: it feel like the chance of learning new recipes when crafting is a bit to high but maybe it just me who too used to how it was in alpha 1.5, but the system itself,I do appreciate it.


    Hmmm. The game just told me to report an error, though I can’t see that anything’s gone wrong. I butchered a wolf, crafted some tanned leather, and it tells me to report an error. The leather is in my inventory, the tannin is gone from my inventory… everything seems totally legit.


    Stats are currently effected by certain skill usage. Mining = Strength, Botany = Hunger, etc. They stay the same chance to raise them throughout the whole game. This system may change a bit soon.

    I will tweak the crafting discovery chances a bit 🙂


    A bazillion errors! Every time I equip something, every time I craft something!… and yet, there’s nothing wrong.


    I started hitting a ton of errors after I took a bull boat and went to another island (had no idea it was going to change maps or mean I could never go back to my main base … but oh well). Anyway even though it keep showing errors the game seemed to play ok so I kept going. Then I decided maybe if I saved and exited and restarted, it would clear things up.

    When I logged back in, all of my equipped gear was in inventory and I started equipping it(which triggered new error messages again as each item was equipped) and I noticed that my attack/defense ratings were not going up. So I had my character rest with the leaf bedroll and that updated the stats ok but almost every single action I take, triggers errors reports now.

    Also this was using the downloaded client as I prefer a standalone client, I installed to c:\games\wayward but it doesn’t seem to be keeping any files there or any saveddata etc. Checked also in my documents\my games and appdata/roaming but I can;t seem to find any indication it is actually running as a standalone client   What is the filepath that the save game data is storing at?


    Anyway if I can give any additional data let me know, otherwise looks like I’ll have to take a break for a few days and leave you to troubleshoot ^_^




    Yay, more bugs 🙂 Downloadable version save files are located here:

    Windows 7:


    Windows XP:

    Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\wayward




    I can’t really say anything about the numerous amount of errors you seems to experience, but if your using the standalone client, your saved game should be in “Documents and Settings/user/local settings/application data/wayward”, at least that where it was for me(i’m using windows xp) and It seems like you can make a backup of you game by simply making a backup of the “Local Storage”, but when I when  Vaughn anwsered me he said I might a well copy the whole wayward folder.

    you might have a different version of windows but your saved game  should be somewhere local settings related I think but I might be wrong.

    edit: damn I took too long to anwser

    edit 2: in windows xp for me its “Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\wayward” but its windows xp professional


    I also have the bug now where I cannot enter cave entrances, shucks. Wanted to do some spelunking ^_^  This all started after using Bull Boat and being teleported to a different (new) map, don’t know if that is related but intil then I had zero errors and now I have hundreds.

    Are there any saved error logs I can send in or anything? It keeps telling me to report all the errors (most seem related to equipable items &  inventory)  but I am not sure if there are any technical details that will help.

    I mght try backing up my savedgames and starting a fresh game to see if that has the same errors. Hate to give up my progress (currently at 78630 talent points) but thats what a Beta is about :p




    For me, errors message has been pretty rare, but I did get 2 unusable cave entrance and I still have a backup of “local storage” of the 2 world, but I don’t know if they would be of any use for Vaughn.


    Renaming AppData/Local/wayward to xxwayward (and starting over fresh) eliminated all the errors. So maybe it was somehow related to transporting via the Bull Boat.


    Ya, it’s definitely a bull boat issue as far as I can tell. The cave issue is a separate thing though. Packing up your entire save and sending could actually help me diagnose since it persists in the save as well; however, I already know the cause with this specific one.


    I just started to also get errors everywhere, like I was putting my backpack back on me then got an errors and did not gain the effect of the backback.

    I my case I did not use a bull boat, I just swam too far and teleported on a new island, after that any equipping I did  resulted in errors messages so the problem might be related to simply getting on a new island with the same caracter.

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